Monday, June 11, 2007

What was She Thinking?

If we were to listen to the Malacanang spinners - the country is doing great. The economy is picking up and we are well on the way to stability and progress ... DAW.

I would really like to think that we are.
Maybe ...

Maybe our June 12 Independence Day this year is a fitting landmark of Philippine progress.

As we look back on the landscape of post -election Philippines, it is gratifying to note that the electorate appears to have tired of showbiz, johnny come lately concerned citizens and rehash trapos. Perhaps indeed, we maybe learning the meaning of not only being free but also that of being independent.

We will see ...

In the meantime, let us focus on more important nation-building matters.
Particularly the Presidential wardrobe ...

The caption screams ...
" What was she thinking? - President Arroyo pulls at her vintage looking dress - which looks too loose for comfort, which also looks like a wardrobe malfunction ... "

A loose vintage dress for a state visit...
What indeed was she thinking?
Proud Pinoy moment ba ito?

Couturier or modista

Where in ukay ukays heaven did she get that dress?
To wear on a state visit??
As guest of honor??
Tignan mo yung mama sa tabi nya - takang-taka kung ano yung tinitignan nya.

The least that could have been done was to get an advance on someones pork barrel and buy a new dress. Or some of her closest could have gotten a balato from PAGCOR and gifted her with an Inno Sotto classic or something. Maybe some jueteng contributions could have been collected for a shopping spree in Zara or Mango ... pero 'wag naman yang suot ni Ma'am sa front page pa naman. Parang kawawa naman masyado ang Pinas. Kawawa na nga sa totoo e ... pagmumukain pang ang suot na damit ng Pangulo ay galing sa baul ng Lola ko.

If the fashion intent was vintage .... que horror . Tuloy , pati the helicopters that America recently donated to the Philippines were "vintage" - walang bago - puro panahon pa ng Vietnam .Ginawa tuloy na bagay yung helicopter sa damit ni Ma'am...

Remember a President should be a reflection of the country.

If vintage, ukay ukay, ill-fitting, and passe is a conscious choice then how in "chevers" name will anyone ever think better of us???

Wala lang ...
Sharing lang.
Haaaaaaaaaaaaay naku !!!!!!!!