Saturday, June 23, 2007

Zhu-braaang Sarap

The building at the Global City's 32nd and 5th Avenue is starting to blossom with tenants.

The latest addition is a colorful Chinese resto called Zhu.
Done in attractive pinks and yellows, you can hardly miss this place as you drive by.

It was on "soft opening" when we tried it
It was packed.
The menu is divided into Shanghai style appetizers, dimsum, roasting kitchen, hot pot, soup, rice and noodles atbp.
The food is tasty ... very Chinese (as it should be in a chinese restaurant...)
Good stuff

We chopsticked our way through
yangchow rice - 150pesos
porkchop king do style - 198pesos
braised beancurd with mushroom - 168pesos
sauteed schezuan shrimp - 240pesos
roasted duck - 280pesos
soya chicken - 180pesos
jumbo xiao long pao - 68pesos

Whewwwww ... and there were just three of us.
Zhu-braaaaang sarap.
This place is a must try.
Go ....