Friday, June 15, 2007

Fill Up

More problems - more eating
That's me

Well, today was one of those days
I needed to eat ... a lot

Standing proudly against the Manila Bay sunset is the Sofitel Philippines Hotel.
And within - lies one of the best buffet restaurants in Metro Manila (uhhmmm - actually perhaps the best)

It is a hungry eaters paradise ....
Food galore
Stress therapy galore

Cooking stations include Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Grillery and Continental among other choices.
Sushi, paella, grilled lamb, dimsum, bulgogi, pizza , prime grills ...
Ohhhhh - and save room for dessert.

The interiors blend with the wonderfully renovated hotel.
Calm, sophisticated, and warm.
Black ironworks with modern sculpture and imaginative lighting.
This place is lovable.

Parade down the lighted spiral staircase
Go dizzy with your food choices
Bathe in the ambiance
Marvel in the beauty
Sample various cuisines

Fill up till you give up ....

Then ...
Pay the bill
Its pricey - but well worth it