Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Somehow Detached

Sanity moments
Time alone - exposed to the elements
A glass of vodka on my table
Feeling the breeze
Watching the world go by

I found such an after office corner at the Karport Bldg. in Fort Bonifacio
Located on 32nd St. just before it takes off into the overpass from the Fort to Buendia Ave.
The place is called - uhmm - 32nd St.
It is simplicity in itself

Beer at 30pesos
Small - seating for about 30 peeps
Simple and spartan
Nothing fancy
Within the din of the Fort's traffic
And yet somehow detached

Want a small "berks" place ?
This might be a good alternative
It just needs to get going
It opened only a few weeks ago
Drive by
You can't miss the giant "street sign" facade