Thursday, June 07, 2007


Mamang sorbetero, anong ngalan mo
Tinda mong ice cream, gustung-gusto ko
Init ng buhay, pinapawi mo
Sama ng loob, nalilimutan ko

(lyrics from Original Pilipino Music
" Mamang Sorbetero ")

So true ...
I stress eat.
The more problems I have - the more I will eat.
Food is my tranquilizer.

One of my feel good "foods" ever since I was a kid running around in the streets, has always been "sorbetes de calle"

Also known as "dirty ice cream", it's really not dirty - it's just homemade -and perhaps therefore does not have the defined and monitored hygiene protocols of branded ice creams . It is also for the most part sold in the streets rather than in supermarkets.
But heyyyyy ........ I don't ever remember getting sick eating dirty ice cream.

On the other hand - I once found a curly piece of hair that looked suspiciously familiar in my food in one of the metros best (but that's another story).
So ....

So, I couldn't resist when I ran into a sorbetero.
Actually, she was a sorbetera ...
Pushing one of those typically colorful sorbetes carts.
I just had to ...

Queso, ube, tsokoleyt and mango sorbetes ...
Stuffed into bread
The Pinoy "ice cream sandwich"
Ice cream in real bread
How "kewl" is that...

Totally worth the 12 pesos
I was happy
I felt better
I felt relaxed

It was ice cream therapy
I chilled ...

And I felt like a kid again
There is no better medicine than that.