Thursday, June 28, 2007

Okay na Okoy

"Okoy" - a traditional Filipino "fritter"
In it's Ilocano form it is made with "galapong" (sticky rice with water batter), small shrimps, onions, spring onions and a dash of salt. It is then deep fried ... and "voila" - shrimp fritters.
Dipped in sukang Iloko ...

Can't stop there ...
There is Vigan Empanada
Same "galapong" based batter filled with Ilocos longganisa, grated green papaya, shredded carrots, toge, monggo.
Sukang Iloko ....

Now this is a truly Ilocano merienda
Delicious in its simplicity

Mac's Deli Original Vigan Empanada and Okoy - is an oasis of Ilocandia in the middle of SM Mall of Asia. In true Ilocano frugality , it is a simple kiosk with a very simple provincial set-up. Cooking is traditional and is basically started as you order ... so you may have to wait just a while. But it is really worth it - if you like this kind of eat-on-the-go food.
And why wouldn't you?
Especially at 3 pieces for 100pesos ... di ba?

So ... fall in line

Two Ilocanos in a Manila bar

#1 - "weter dalawa ngang sirbisa"
#2 - "nakakahiya ka ... bakit sirbisa??"
#1 - "e ano dapat?"
#2 - " ber"