Friday, August 22, 2008


Friends always catch wifey and me "holding hands" while walking in the mall
They think that it is sooooooo sweet
After all these years, we're still holding hands
They can think what they want
For me ...
It's just that if I let go of her hand--- she will run off and buy something

She has an incomprehensible sense of finance
She is always "saving" money
Just last night, she proudly showed me a new bag
It was originally priced at 10,000 pesos
She got it on sale for just 6,000 pesos
She had "saved" me 4000 pesos

The week before that she had "saved" 3000
And another 5000 the month before
A total of 20,000 pesos "savings" in the last two months ...
At the rate she is "saving" money I should be a millionaire soon
Instead I somehow appear to be close to bankruptcy ...

Haaay naku- I needed a glass of wine
"The new Caffe' Maestro has just opened" she demures ...
I said - "greaaaaaat, let's go"

Caffe' Maestro
was a well patronized Italian cafe restaurant
But, it had over the years outlived its initial appeal and attraction
The Manila market is fickle, and new places are always cropping up
Caffe' Maestro needed to be re-invented and re-launched
So they closed - for renovation
For more than just several months they remained closed
I thought maybe they had sold the business - I mean the economy being what it is
They just disappeared from the culinary radar

And just when I thought they were permanently gone
There they were --- newly opened

We drove up to the brick walled resto
And walked in towards the all too familiar cozy corner where our favorite table used to be
I turned to find the receptionist
Suddenly - wifey broke loose from my grip
She turned the other way straight into shelves and shelves of imported Italian shoes, dresses, blouses, belts, bags etc.

Whaaaaaaaat the?
Yup - Caffe' Maestro is now a caffe' inside a boutique store selling Italian fashion merchandise at discounted prices
Great concept - right?
Well - not if you don't know what you are walking into
I went there to eat
As it turned out - I was to end up "saving" money againnnnnnn

Whoever thought of this fashion cafe concept must have been female
She shops, he eats ...

I waited ...
The warm brick and wood ambiance was somehow soothing
Musical strains of Andrea Bocelli in the background
I fidgeted in my seat
A tasty onion soup,
And a flavorful, al dente "pasta ala vongole" helped to appease me
Wine calmed my nerves ...

After an eternity ...
Wifey finally floated down towards the table to join me
She had this smile on her lips,
A glow on her face
And a loving look in her eyes.
She tenderly stroked my arm
Mussed up my hair
And blew me a kiss ...
In that magical moment I knew ...
It was time ...
It was time to whip out my credit card .
Once again -the lady of the house had "saved" some money for me


Caffe' Maestro
(Fashion Caffe' + Percamo Italian Fashion)
1780 Nicanor Garcia St. (formerly Reposo St.)
Makati, Philippines
(632) 8990780
(632) 8997322


mirage2g said...

It so good your back! I missed the humor and the stories plus food, glorious food here!!!=D

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Just took a break from life ...
Kinda' burned out I guess

But I am back
We'll see
Thanks for staying tuned to the blog.


luna miranda said...

hey, dagul! welcome back! i thought you left your fans for good.:D

this is a great can pig out then shop to digest and of course, "save" money (hehe).

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yessss - a great concept.
I need it like I need a hole in the head ...
BUT- the food and wine is good.
Go try (same operators as L'Opera and Balducci)


Sidney said...

Hahahaha... I wonder if your wife reads your blog.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

She is my #1 fan

One day I will introduce her through the blog -her name is
Ma. Bruhilda Bukekosa


rita : ) said...

"...It's just that if I let go of her hand--- she will run off and buy something..."

you crack me up! that's so funny!!! i understand what you mean about how one can say they, "saved," when the fact that they just spent. one thing hubby is proud of me though, is... i hate shopping with a passion. i'd rather get my teeth pulled out without a novocaine than shop. oy... i know. something's wrong with me. hahaha!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hahaha - maybe we can rub some of that novocaine off on my wifey and numb her shopping sensors ...


graey said...

among your blog entries, this one really cracked me up! I could feel your pain...even if I'm a woman, haha ;)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

hahahaha ...
I guess it is precisely because you are a woman that it cracks you up ..

I have read every Mars and Venus book that there is, and I understand that shopping is ingrained and genetically transmitted to females through the generations since Eve started shopping for apples ...
So, I have learned to live with it - and have actually even seen the humor in it.

Thanks for droppin' by.
Have a great day


paye said...

cafe used to love this place. :) don't know about the fashion + food concept if that will work