Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Remember the game "charades" ?

Let's play charades
Focus on the picture above
It's a dead giveaway ...

Proper noun
Two syllables
One of my favorite quick getaway destinations
A city of contrasts
Steeped in history and culture
Locked in concrete and steel
A shoppers paradise
A land of charming people

Hawker lined streets
Bustling markets
Grand and swanky malls

Soaring skyscrapers looking down on humble huts
Sail quietly down the river
Zip noisily through the urban jungle
Hidden nooks of meditation and relaxation
A nightlife of endless adventure

And the food ...
Ohhhhh - the food
From some of the best and grandest restaurants
To the seediest cubby holes
Endless stalls of street food
To the most cosmopolitan table settings
The full range of predictable world cuisine
To the most exotic of plates ...

Gosssh - I really need a vacation
A short hop
Even for just a weekend ...

Yes - two syllables
First syllable ...
Sounds like hang
Second syllable
Sounds like "a timepiece on the wall"

Look at the picture...
Got it?
That's greaaaaaaaaat
See you there ....
In Bangkok


Thel said...

When I go back to the Philippines, I was thinking of treating you to Mamou (per Market Manila it is good)but I guess this one is your favorite. I would like to treat you because you made me laughed so hard on your blog about the mother who died (fiction)and the coffin hardly closed because of many pasalubongs. he, he, he
I'm glad you are back!
Thel from Florida

Sidney said...

Bon voyage! Enjoy the trip !

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hahaha -thanks for following the blog.
I am glad you enjoyed that post about the mother and the coffin that wouldn't close.

There was also a father whose coffin would not close --- but this time it was because of Viagra ...
Hehehe - toynnnng



Daguldol Tarakatac III said...