Friday, August 15, 2008

Fish Lip

Flash floods !!!
It was raining house and lot ...

The rumble of thunder
Streaks of lightning
And a sudden downpour ...

Perfect ingredients for Metro Manila floods
And the predictable traffic mess that follows
I was stuckkkkkkkkkk ....

Road rage
Hunger pangs
Fear of submersion
Possible engine stall
And an overloaded bladder ready to burst

I felt like I was in the China Olympic Games
Facing an obstacle course of water and vehicles
Avoiding potholes
Maneuvering my way through the thick Friday payday gridlock
All of us jockeying for position and dominance in a river where once was an asphalt road

Then out of the corner of my eye - I caught sight of an oasis of restaurants
A perfect pit stop
I really needed a break ...

Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant has been around for several years
It has always been on the "recommended" list of many of my friends - as far as Chinese restaurants are concerned
Here - finally was my chance to try it out

Relieved that I had found a place to weather out the rain,
I entered a typically large (and noisy) Chinese restaurant ...
There were families eating and slurping their way through some very inviting dishes

"Iced tea please"
Then -hmmmmm
Let me see ...
Fish Lip Soup
Steamed Fish Fillet in Ginger and Onion
Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs
Yang Chow Fried Rice
I always have difficulty spinning out an opinion about Chinese food because I really don't know what the "right" taste should be
I only know that I like it or that I don't
And this ...
I liked
I really liked

The rains abated
The floods slowly subsided
The food in front of me "disappeared"
And I headed home with a new favorite ....
As a matter of fact, I might be back next week
Flood or no flood
Join me ...

Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant
Boom na Boom Compound
Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex
Tel:(63-2) 8331188 (63-2) 8333388


rita : ) said...

oh, man! i was just telling hubby the other nite that i have a hankering for chinese food. this post just added fuel to the fire. haha! now, i'll really bug and harass him about it. haha!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hope you find your Chinese treat ...
Harass hubby --- you go, girl !