Thursday, August 14, 2008

It Isn't Permanent

It's been almost 3 months - hasn't it?
Close to a quarter

Off the air
Brain dead
Signed off

My cerebral synapses have just not been working
Stunned into inaction
Lulled to sleep

Everything seemed to be alright one day ...
Then I woke up with the price of gas suddenly beyond my reach
Rice was more precious than gold
Canned goods exorbitantly priced
Food costs going up
Electricity costs casting a heavy burden
Transport rates unbelievable

People seemed listless
Shell shocked
Walking like zombies in the middle of department stores
Just staring, not buying ...
I couldn't blame them
Who could afford anything ?

Suddenly - it was survival mode
Penny pinching
Looking for new ways to make ends meet
Finding new opportunities

What has the world come to?
Where has the country gone?

I would stare into my laptop
Try to post something
But nothing would come out
Life itself - though short - was somehow, not in and of itself, inspiring enough to write about

Clearly, I had burned out ...
The pressure of being underpaid and overworked in an environment of rising costs was taking its toll
That TV, radio and printed media were full of murder, rape, corruption, litigation and wars was of no help at all

I needed to be in a bubble
I wanted to keep my interactivity with the world at a minimum
Work, work, work ...
That's all I focused on
Survival mode - remember?

Blogging was a luxury of time (and inspiration)
I just wanted to give it up altogether
Why blog?
Every other joe is doing it
Nothing new
Nothing great

Then last week, I stumbled into the July 23, 2008 post of Anton Diaz at his runaway blog hit Our Awesome Planet.
"Why Blog?" is a post that is an answer to his own question
In his post, Anton lists several of his "why blog" reasons
(I wish you would all read Anton's post. The content is even more inspiring than the list)
1. Our Blog is a love letter to our sons.
2. I'm writing the modern history of the Philippines.
3. To sow good deeds.
4. Ninoy Aquino is a blogger.
5. Inspire 1 Mind, Touch 1 Heart.
6. To have fun.
7. OAP is my personal art space.
8. Build personal brand.
9. I write to globalize the local.
10. To live forever.

The piece is enlightening ...
We blog , not just for ourselves - but for others
For the future
For our children
For immortality

Makes sense
I feel my neurons firing up
The brain cells are stirring
The current is on
I'm baaaaaaaaack ...

I think
We'll see ...


Sidney said...

Gas prices are going down...glad to see you back... :-)

“The bottom line is that blogging is like sex. You can’t fake it. You can’t fake passion. You can’t fake wanting to engage with the public. If you do, it will ultimately be an unsatisfying experience for both the blogger and their readers.” (Kevin Anderson)

Oliver Bautista San Antonio said...

welcome back.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Oh my gosh .....
You are out there !!!!
I have missed you tooooooo

That just made my day.
Hope things are well.

I just forwarded your "can't fake" quote to my wife. Let's see what she says .....


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks for following the blog ... and keeping the light on.


whiffandasip said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to more of your funny and insightful??? (heheheh) posts then. =)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you so much for staying tuned ...


luna miranda said...

yes, yes, yes! it isn't permanent.:D i'm glad your back. your blog is one of those that i look forward to everyday.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you so much for staying on.
Sometimes life is like that - up, down, in, out ...
I get into moods.
But then's life
Nothing is permanent.


Minnie Puno said...

finally...... you're back! once again, a site to visit every day!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

thanks - your continued interest and support means a lot to me