Monday, August 18, 2008


I finally made it to Aubergine Restaurant
Friends had been talking about this wonderful fine dining venue at the bustling Fort Bonifacio complex
Superlatives and good things
Highly recommended
But ...
Kinda' expensive

Hey - who said fine dining was cheap?
I was going to have to save up for this ...

Then ...
My dear sister gave me gift certificates for Aubergine
As if she were reading my mind
As if she knew I was "broke"...

And so , on a cool, moonlit Sunday evening
I put on my 5-star look
And jauntily proceeded with my FREE 5-star dinner

For a reputed fine dining leader, Aubergine is surprisingly, badly located above a McDonalds outlet
But that was easily forgiven if not forgotten once I stepped into the restaurant premises
Cosmopolitan and elegant
Yet somehow warm and soft

A glass encased kitchen is a showcase of culinary action ...
The servers greet you with a smile, and patiently wait for you to confuse yourself with the mouthwatering menu

We sipped on glasses of Nottage Hill Sparkling Chardonnay as we weighed our choices
Small talk
Big thoughts
Knowing glances
Then, a smile of anticipation ...

1. Parmesan Spuma (courtesy of the house)
2. Carpaccio of Australia Beef Tenderloin ( with pamesan fondue, truffle oil, assorted herbs, and a salad bouquet)
3. Roasted US Wagyu Beef Tri Tip (with pan fried foie gras, pot wine sauce, glazed vegetable, and pommery mustard mash potato)
4. Roasted French Duck Breast (with orange curacao set on truffled mousseline potato, served with port wine braised vegetable stew and mango tartlet)
5. Melted French Brie de Meaux ( served on grilled watermelon topped with watercress salad tossed in raspberry dressing walnut oil and Chinese truffles)
6. Belgian Chocolate Mousse Dome

The presentation alone was an experience worth a picture
The taste was somehow "correct"
We took it slow and easy
Savoring every moment
To the last drop of sauce
It was a wipe-out ...

I could see the wifey just having a gastronomic orgasm as she slowly nodded her head and savored every juicy bite
Quivering in delight
She had that look in her eyes that I had for the longest time not seen in the bedroom ...
This was the "real" thing ...

Expectedly - I finished my meal before she did
I looked her in the eyes and asked ... "was it good for you?"
She gave me that look , followed by the predictable question -
''... are you finished - alreaaaady ? "

I half expected her to whip out a cigarette and blow a puff of smoke into the air, as a ritual of satisfaction (?)
As I, on the other hand, would characteristically start to doze off ...

This was a truly greaaaaat dinner
Great place
Great food
Great wine
Great service
And .......
It was free


Aubergine Restaurant and Patisserie
32nd and 5th Building
Fort Bonifacio
Taguig, Philippines
(63-2) 8569888


Sidney said...

That looks good!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

It was gooood
Really ...

Not only because it was free
It just really was
This place is a winner in my books.


rita : ) said...

well... well... well... look what the cat brought in. haha. how have you been? i trust the hibernation went well. now, i have to catch-up with your blog.

good to see you back!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

hey rita,
I missed you guys too
Hope to be busyblogger again ...
Thanks for keeping me safely in your blogroll


Gracie said... look really good...I bet the real thing is even better.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yes-- it was really good
Besides,the dinner was free ... how good can things get? :-)


luna miranda said...

great post as usual! and that beef carpaccio looks yummy, the rest, i'm almost afraid to look.:D

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

This is fine dining as it should be.
The kitchen is also a practicum area for a culinary school.

My only disappointment is that because of its location (above McDo)- some people tend to walk in for fine dining but not so finely dressed ...
Other than that occasional glitch - it's great.