Sunday, August 17, 2008

Al Fresco

It was a cool Saturday evening
And Makati Avenue was buzzin'
I met up with some dear friends and had a couple of drinks
In what promises to be the next Makati "hotspot"

A. Venue Mall and Events Hall has been evolving over the past few months
Interesting restaurants and bars have been opening
And the humongous events hall is being increasingly recognized as a preferred concert and event venue

And now ...
On weekends,
The wide sidewalks facing Makati Avenue have been converted into a quaint village-type row of al fresco outlets that will surely be the next "in" destination for nightowls on the prowl for a fun place to be

Facing Makati Avenue on the ground level are Gasthof Restaurant and Grill, Seattle's Best Coffee, Padrino (of the famed " L'Opera and Balducci group), Botong's (a newbie bar resto) and Contempo Restaurant ...
Sidewalk seating allows an al fresco drink and dine experience that promises to be a "barkada's" delight ...

Watch the cars zip by
Watch the girls walk by
Listen to the music
Enjoy the food
Have a drink ... or two, maybe three
Maybe more

If you've got nothing to do this weekend
Drop by the "A"

I will be the guy on the sidewalk
Under the table umbrella
Sipping on a thirst-quenching mojito
Talking to a mucha bonita or two ... maybe three
Just livin' life ...

"Let's c'mon"
Join me ...


dyosa said...

I haven't been to A Venue. I passed by the place the other day and saw that more shops/restos have opened. I better check this place out soon and want to try the A Venue Hotel too. :-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks for droppin' by.
Yes - A. Venue is starting to perk up.
I am slowly starting to try the restos as they open kasi baka later there will be so many na, and ma-behind-sked ako sa aking resto hopping
The mall is not quite "alive" yet - but is definitely starting to stir...


luna miranda said...

finally, i went to A. Venue in early August. somebody invited me to A.Venue Suites. it was a Saturday night and the place was deserted.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yup -I guess that is why they are trying out this "street fair" concept.
It is still "kakalogkalog" most days but as the outlets start opening and marketing starts becoming aggressive, - perhaps it will pick up.