Friday, October 06, 2006

What's Goin' On?

I stumbled onto a box of 12 flavored condoms at a convenience store recently. The rubbers were marked "PARTY PACK"

What's goin' on?

It used to be that sex was a private matter.
An act of consumation between two loving partners ...
An act of passion between two consenting adults ...
Or even a misguided indescretion between two experimenting teens ...
But still a private matter.

Now they market condoms in a "party pack"?
As in ... "taralets, mag party tayo - may condoms ako".

I must really be getting old.
Not that party pick-ups were none existent in my time ... but it was always the result of a private effort to address pheromone driven lust aggravated by alcohol that made women look prettier proportionate to the number of bottles of beers we were consuming.

Now - a party pack?
Should I expect my party coordinator to bring a party pack as well as sixpacks to my next party?

What would the party theme be?
Uhmmmmm - "Sex in the City", "Desperate Housewives" ... or "Animal Kingdom"?
What games do we play?
Uhmmmmm - "Eat it.. Bulaga" , "Pinoy's BIG Brother" ... or "wetDREAMS Academy" ?
Does the winner become the "Philippine Idol" ????
And after the party, do the partners become "kapuso" or "kapamilya" ?
U kn neber kn tel

I guess this is where we have brought ourselves.
What with cybexsex, internet webcams and phone video
- not to mention permissive television, movies and printed media.
Ohhh and let's not forget our role in liberal (if not negligent) parenting ...

Sex has become public domain.
It has jumped from the privacy of the bedroom into the limelight of the stage of life. It has become so communal that some astute marketing genius has dared to assume a market for a "Party Pack" of condoms.

Oh well ... such are the times.
There is nothing to do but to celebrate ... you are all of course invited to the party.
Please "come" ...

You may "come" again if you have the stamina.

I suggest we make the condom
our government's official symbol
- because -
it allows for inflation,
halts production,
destroys the next generation,
and gives us a sense of security,
while we are actually being screwed


Minnie Puno said...

Loved this!

Chinggay said...

Me too! Super funny!

Thanks again for the book, doc!

Miss you na.. mwah!

bongrcura said...

Galing mo, Ernesto! Magpapatawa muna, tapos saka sisipa.

The middle class plays a vital role in raising the political awareness of the broad masses of Filipino workers and farmers. Unfortunately the middle class, at this time, is more preoccupied with the struggle of keeping its head above the water and not falling into debt too much.

Your article is better than any manifesto in stirring the middle class from apathy and indifference because it is written in a language and style that it can appreciate.

Your article is a political commentary wrapped in humor in much the same way that a hotdog is made to taste better with chile con carne or bacon.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you so much bong.
Ikaw teacher ko ....
Communication is not just speaking up -it is also being heard. Hopefully, in my small sphere I will have helped to improve peoples hearing ...

Sidney said...

He,he... I like your suggestion to use it as the government's official symbol...

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Sidney, Bong etc. -
Hahaha - I was exercising a little restraint ...
I could have included that the condom as a symbol also protects a bunch of pricks ....

Anonymous said...

this is the first time i've read your blog and honestly i was totally write very well!
great job! looking forward to your next article...


Ric said...

just found this tonight....had me laughing...and realizing how true (and pathetic things have become in our dear homeland)...i do continue to pray for pinoys like you....

i am now officially a fan of your blog

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Heyyyy Ric,
Thanks for droppin by
Please stay tuned
Hope things are better on your side of the globe