Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bring a Date

Despite his low profile, Chef Rolando Laudico has been a much sought after culinary wiz in the Metro scene. Those in the know contact him directly to cater for their special parties and dinners.

Chef Laudico himself started a reservations only affair at his Urdaneta Village home where one could have a dinner by candlelight in the romantic setting of a tropical home garden. This continues to be a draw...

It was just a matter of time before he would succumb to the lure of mainstream restaurant operation. And that time is now...

Welcome to Chef Laudicos Bistro Filipino. Located in the less busy side of the Fort ... just a stones throw away from last years hit Je Suis Gourmand, Bistro Filipino is a wonderfully interiored haven for Filipino fusion food. Fusion has always been a difficult food style because more often than not there is a confusion of the taste buds and of expectations. One cannot quite define the resulting taste – and is often unsure whether he liked it or not. But in the case of Chef Laudico the fusion remarkably ... works.

Filipino food cooked with European flare – both tastes familiar – one complimenting the other. No clash of tastes – just seamless integration into a new but very familiar taste. The presentation of the food is likewise “internationalized” with tables set to fine dining standards.

Candles, organic fabric overdrapes ,chandeliers , solid wood tables, a checkerboard Vuitton brown floor, a play with lights and music ...
Start pouring the wine.

We started with a bottle of Chilean Chardonnay which was the house wine – tangy and adequate for both my taste and my wallet. Appetizer was a wonderful “Silken Tokwa’t Baboy” – grilled pork liempo and silken tofu wrapped in rice paper with spicy garlic vinegar, soy glaze and caramelized shallots at 225pesos. I would return even if only for this and a bottle of wine ...

We proceeded with “Pinakbet Puree Soup” and “Chicken Binakol Soup” – both at 150pesos. Mains were “Foie Gras Laced Lamb” – 1000pesos and “Foie Gras with Adobo Overload” – at 750pesos.

The chocoholic in me went into high gear with their desserts.

You guys are going to have to try this for yourself. Words have always been difficult to find in describing fusion food ...

The bottom line is ... highly recommended.
Catch it this weekend . Bring a date ... (someone has to pay ... di baaaa? )

Chef Laudico's Bistro Filipino
Net One Building, in the Fort
+632 856-0634, +632 856-0541 (for reservations)


Sidney said...

Not sure... in my case I am sure I will need to shoulder the bill!

Do you know a rich widow who wants to go out with a handsome Caucasian ?
I want to taste that foie gras ! ;-)