Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The last time my niece and nephew from the United States visited Manila, they were unbelieving and amused at McSpaghetti. It was unheard of in their neck of the woods. They even wanted to take pictures of the McDo menu board to prove this aberration to their friends back in the good old US of A.

Well now, they can flip and do the somersault even more.
Welcome to McRice Burgers.


McRice Burger replaces a regular (bread) burger bun with two "specially made" rice patties, with a beef or chicken patty and vegetables in between, to create a sandwich.

Already available in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore – McRice was an attractive concept that I just had to taste test. At first, it has a funny feel to it – sticky rice buns in my hands. (pleasant memories of holding “buns” ... hmmmmmmm). It tasted really like a big “sushi” with no wasabi. You eat it like a regular burger sandwich – no spoon and fork necessary.

The McRice Chicken Supreme was all around better than the McRice Burger Supreme. It was filling . I guess it would do for a quick lunch...

I still prefer my McNuggets and French Fries.
But at least I have something new to offer to American visitors ...

AmeriKana looking at Filipino food menu: "uhmm Dagul ..can you please translate this foods for me cause i dont understand them."

Dagul: Sure why not - chocnut?
'Kana: what is fried tinulingan?
Dagul: circumsiced fish.
'Kana: Chicken Binakol?
Dagul: Pervert CHicken.‘
'Kana: kinalawing kambing
Dagul: Eagled Goat‘
'Kana: nilagang baka?
Dagul: Boiled Maybe?
Kana: thanks dagul! Waiter!waiter!
Waiter: yes mam whats your order?‘
'Kana: can i have a hamburger.
Waiter: yes mam? do you want to try our dessert tsokolateng mainit just ten pesos mam.
‘Kana: dagul - what is tsokolateng mainit in english?
Dagul: CHocolate That Want Sex

( toinnnnnnnnnnnngk ... flying menu board)


Minnie Puno said...

I just love checking out your blogs when I need a good laugh!... hilarious!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

hahaha - thanks
laughter has always been my outlet for the tremendous stress in my life ...
i am always glad to be able to share my brand of humor with friends and family

Sidney said...

Ha,ha... funny.
Next time I will for sure order fried tinulingan, chicken binakol and I will not pass on the tsokolateng mainit! ;-)

I will link your blog to my photo blog about the Philippines.

ANA said...

Another really funny one!!!