Saturday, October 21, 2006


I surf the internet a lot.
It is for me the modern day equivalent of encyclopedia, magazines, tv, home video, shopping catalogs, comics, newspapers, tabloids etc.

There is just an overload of information out there.
I would like to start sharing with you every once in a while, some gems that I find. Wala lang - sharing lang ... parang "show and tell" sa iskul nuong bata pa ako.

Good morning classmates ...
Today I want to share with you the iCarta Ipod Toilet Roll.

Available on-line at .
This is really kewl. Imagine literally "moving your ass" to the beat ...

Shake you booty ... yeyey

An ipod to ipot by.
Choose the music that suits your mood.
Just imagine yourself exerting the extreme effort to the music of "Rocky's Theme" .

Create a new playlist ... "Moving Music"
Inspiring ...
Di ba ?

Yun lang.
Sharing lang
Tenk you.