Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My mother is a balikbayan. She is a true-blue kuripot Ilokana. She lived in the United States for 15 years working hard for the green bucks that clearly helped ease the life of her 5 loving children.

While in the States, Mom had always amazed us with her mastery of the science of balikbayan box packing. She could put the whole state of New Hampshire inside one box and still have room to spare. Whenever she would make trips to the Philippines, her “maleta” would be a veritable jack-in-a-box with little goodies popping up from every little compartment, nook, cranny, pocket, corner, fold, cuff ...

As her years in the US started to pile up , I had always feared that death might catch up with her in that cold and faraway land. I had imagined how I might have to take on the role as eldest among the children, of tackling the dreaded job of rushing to the States and arranging the transport of her remains to the Philippines – her beloved homeland.

I would shed tears during sleepless nights as I imagined the letter to my brothers and sisters that I would have to write from the States as they waited anxiously here in Manila:

Mga minamahal kong mga kapatid,
If you are reading this letter, that means na dumating na dyan sa Pinas ang coffin and remains ni Inang.

Pasensya na kayo, at hindi ko nasabayan ang flight ni Inang, dahil naubusan na ako ng perang pang pamasahe. Naghihintay ako ng budget fare ... wala kasing buy-one take-one ngayon.
Umutang pa nga ako kay Angkul Veneracion de Asis (na ang pangalan pala ngayon sa Amerika ay naging Venereal Disease).

Anyway nagpadala ako kasabay ni Inang ng:

- Dalawang dosenang lata ng corned beef – nakatago sa likod ni Inang. Mag hati hati na lang kayo
- Apat na Nike sneakers – tig-isa kayo. Yung isang size 7 suot ni Inang; yung iba nakasiksik sa may ulo nya.
- Apat na Lacoste t-shirt, suot ni Inang patong patong. Tig-isa din kayo .
- Dalawang WonderBra suot ni Inang. Bahala na kayo my dear sisters.
- Dalawang Levis na maong –patongpatong din nyang suot. Bahala na kayo my brods.
- Dalawang Victorias Secret na panty at dalawang Calvin Klein na brief din ang suot. Alam nyo na kung kanikanino yan.
- May Nestles Crunch, Hersheys at M&M din na nakaipit sa may binti ni Inang. Pakibigay sa mga pamangkin natin.

- Pag binuksan nyo ang bibig ni Inang, naka ipit sa pustiso nya ang isang diamond ring na padala ng anak na narses ni Kapitana Sosing... pasundo nyo na lang dyan
- Ang ibang accessories ... suot ni Inang, isang Tag Heuer na relo sa bawa’t kamay, Gucci na hikaw at Salvatore Ferragamo na bracelet . Kayo na ang mag-decision kung kanikanino... pagod na rin akong mag-isip e.
- Ang medyas niya Chanel ... apat din yun.

- And last but not the least, yung mga pabangong Davidoff at Issey Miyake, nakatago sa likod ng pwet ni Inang.

Mga kapatid, bahala na sana kayo hanggang sa pag-uwi ko. Wag nyo siyang pabayaan. At bago ko makalimutan – pakibihisan ng maayos si Inang pag nahubad nyo na ang lahat ng pasalubong niyang suot.

Touch up nyo na rin yung ilong kasi parang napitpit nung sinara namin yung kabaong. Kinailangan pa kasing upuan ni Ankel VD para magsara ng maayos !

Ang nagmamahal nyong kapatid,


– Needless to say, I never had to send the letter.
My Mom is now 81 years old. She is alive and kicking. She is now finally here with us in the Philipiines where we can shower her with the unending love that she deserves.
Love you Mom ............


Sidney said...

Good to hear that your mom is still alive and kicking! She deserve it after so many years working in a foreign country.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

she has been the light in our lives.
like me she enjoys life each day as iy comes ...

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

... ooops - "enjoys life as it comes"

Mercie said...

Hmmm, uncanny, ha? I was thinking of this joke but cannot find an appropriate place in my article for it.

For as long as there are new postings in your weblog, I know you're okay and in good spirits. I am, too, thanks for asking.


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Filipino - Asian Bulletin - April 5, 2006

ANA said...

I have not laughed this much in a long time!!! super funny!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I found this hilarious!! Reminds me of my mother. ;-) - Linda

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I find myself laughing just imagining you guys laughing.
Thanks for droppin' by the blog !

Minnie Puno said...

Angkul Ernie, Mom and I were laughing our tears out! sooooooooo funny! - ang mahal mong pamangkin, Regina
...................... HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

It is funny coz you know it's true ...