Sunday, November 11, 2007


The latest Ayala Land addition to its upscale shopping complex in Makati is the Greenbelt 5 mall

It is slowly taking shape and will clearly be up and running by Christmas.
There is a frenzy of activity as stores are finishing the necessary construction work to outdo each other in this high end mall
Even now some food and retail outlets have “soft opened” to lead the pack …

Among the early birds is an uber cool Japanese restaurant called John and Yoko
Clearly a take-off from the iconic Beatle John Lennon and his beloved Yoko Ono, the name also implies a mix of East and West as reflected in fusion dishes that are strangely familiar but new

The restaurant is immediately attractive even from a distance as its neon inspired colors beckon
An innovative mix of stainless steel and warehouse drab completes a look that is Japanese in a very modern anime way …
Young very today music airs in the background
And the lighting will keep you mesmerized

Among its owners is Marvin Agustin – a showbiz personality who is wisely investing his hard-earned money in restaurant ventures (this being his third)…
The celebrity ownership adds to John and Yoko’s allure
It is, as early as now, being touted as a “must go” or at the very least a “must try”

The food offering is not surprisingly similar to another Marvin Agustin resto, Sumo Sam…
The menu offers both traditional Japanese fare, and interesting neoNippon concoctions
Endless rockin’ sashimi and rollin’ sushi choices
Times passes by rather quickly as one chomps through one dish to the next

Foodwise - this is probably not the best of Japanese restos in town
But it may be the “coolest” …
Really “kewl”
“Kewl” enough for me to want to go back … preferably with a big group of buddies who can share the bill


"Sakatatawananigaska neh" !!!

John and Yoko

Greenbelt Mall 5


Anonymous said...

problem with these trendy restaurants anywhere - even back in the US or here in Europe, most of the time, they're all nothing but hype. na ja... at least, a cool place to hang-out. right?

hope this restaurant, at least, have good selection of drinks.


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

You are absolutely right.
It can't be all about "cool" -in the end it's really about food.
We will see....


Anonymous said...

you got that right. thanks for all the restaurant updates. an awesome blog to go by for restaurant hunt when we visit. maybe next year. see how it goes.