Saturday, November 24, 2007

Act Now

More on China.

China is an amazing country
Full of culture and heritage
The strength of their past is the foundation of their future
That plus the fact that there are over 1 BILLION of them to push their country forward

The cities are full of dynamism
You can feel change as it occurs
The vibrance of progress is tangible
The power of commerce is explosive
Truly - China will be a major part of the world's future

Whenever I travel in China, I have illusions of being able to find one product or perhaps one store that might "click" in the Philippines
I kid myself that I will find this product or store - and bring it to Manila where it will be a resounding success
So successful that I will be able to retire in peace on some quiet white sand beach - away from the cruelties of urban life ...
Surrounded only by the basics in life like airconditioning , a large format plasma screen with 5.1 surround sound, an ipod, a MacBook, satellite TV and DSL.
The SUV outside will of course always be on the ready to whisk me off to another part of the island to play the compulsory game on the neatly manicured international play level Tiger Woods designed golf course.
All this under the watchful caring eyes of my designated sex slave of the day ...

Nothing much - just a simple life
A Lear jet's ride away from the craziness of Manila

And on this last trip of mine to China , I think I may have found the store - or at least, the brand.

The product I might sell has been historically successful throughout the ages
The interest is overwhelming
The market is endless
The demand is insatiable

Wish me luck
There is much development to be done on the product
But I really think it will sell ...
You might want to place an advance order ...
Act now - before the best ones are taken


Sidney said...

It was one of the first words I learned in Tagolog...
I guess you need to start with something... too bad I can't remember the less suggestive vocabulary words in Tagalog. The brain is such a funny organ...

Looks like the perfect place to go after a meal of turtle soup... ;-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yessssss - the turtle soup.
I never thought about that.
You are funny Sid ...

daguldol said...

Know what you mean. Once I found a butong-pakwan opener in Beijing which I thought was amusing and unique. Until I found one at Eng Beetin in Binondo.

Dream on, Ernie. But be careful with what you wish for because you might just get it.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Heyyyyyyyy bong,
So good to hear from you.
Yes - our China immersions have given us a point of view not only about culture but about nations and about nation-building

Hope to see you soon for coffee and a few games of 9-ball to talk about lotsa' things.

Will call you soon.


Torogi said...

Nuts! Start enjoying today for tomorrow they might hurt!


Thina said...

Thanks for writing this.