Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Jupiter Street in Makati has been in the commercial "intensive care unit" for several years now.
Once a center of crowd filled exuberance, it had slowly lost its luster.
It was slowly dying a natural death -suffering from the intense competition of areas like Greenbelt, Rockwell and Taguig's Global City.
Even as I write this, the city is wracking its brains to come up with a strategy to lure entrepreneurs back to the area.

And maybe something is working ...
It was a pleasant surprise to see new enterprises open along the strip
Wonderful retail niche stores
Avant garde health and wellness units
And refreshing food concepts ...

Among them is Mickey's
Mickey's positions itself as a delicatessen
In it's original European essence, the "delikatessen" is a source of top quality "fine foods" without the take -out (fast)food component that has evolved in the American version of the "deli".
Mickey's is an interesting mix of both versions

One enters with a full view of a delicatessen display counter
As well as a flamed grilling kiosk
Mouthwatering cuts of sausages, hams,meats, cold cuts, cheese, and other products pleasantly greets the eyes
Servers in dainty uniforms smile and answer inquiries readily
Prices appear reasonable

Perhaps while waiting - you might want to sample some of the resto fare as we did
Tasty Hungarian Goulash got the ball rolling
Then a Sausage Platter to really get the juices going
Crunchy delicious stuff ...

The driving force behind this project is Michael Beck - former chef/butcher of Manila Hotel
That explains the quality and professonalism that prevails
If you are in the area
And are in a sausage mood ...
Try it out

4 Jupiter St.
(632) 8996923


Sidney said...

I am sure it is not healthy but OMG this looks good... almost like Germany !
In my dreams only since I am slowing becoming a vegetarian.

rita :) said...

that looks good!!! i see from the pics that they have N├╝rnberger bratwurst - those are good. since we stay in makati when we visit the country - now, we have something to look forward to for goodies. on those occasions, hubby and i are always hurting where to go get stuff for breakfast or just something to have around when we don't feel like going out. one visit, he bought some hotdogs from a supermarket, just to try it out. never again after that. we paid for days from the pain of it. hahaha! oi...

when you say, "crunchy delicious stuff..." is that from the bratwurst platter that you mentioned? just wondering.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Even as I explore these food nooks,I am starting to notice that many are starting to carry "healthy" menus - and even some vegan sections.
I will make it a point to take note and post it when I encounter such menus ...


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yesssss - there were Nurnbergers among many others.
I forgot what was so crunchy ... I am sausage-illiterate. But I wiped out that sausage platter with a passion ...

Hope you enjoy your next Manila visit. It is a far cry from the cleanliness and charm of Wiesbaden ... but it has its appeal mixed in with the negatives.


Sidney said...

No offense to Germany but I wouldn't trade Wiesbaden for Manila.
Nowadays Manila has it all... I am even considering to look for a small space in an "Eternal Garden" somewhere in Manila... ;-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Korek ka dyan

Manila is where my heart is.
That is why I continue to lead my life here despite the many opportunities to "relocate"...

I myself am considering Heritage Park ...
I mean - heyyyyy - I will be permanently "looking up" anyway, I may as well watch the planes passing by overhead ...


docchef said...

this place is really packing up the people.. have to try this place soon...

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

What makes it even more interesting is the integrated bread "bakery" called Laruzan , for piping hot bread to be served with your meals - and of course for take out also

Happy eating doc