Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hard Enough

Miss me ????

Well - I was in China
And as I found out to my disappointment, China has blocked the "BLOGGER" or "BLOGSPOT" site.
(Heyyyyyy - they have even blocked Wikipedia)

Arrrrrghhhhhhhhh - no blogging for me
I felt decapitated
It is at times like this that I realize how much the freedom of the Internet has become such a part of me ....
And when it is taken away
It is really weird
Scary actually ...

Anyway - I was in China on mission for my office
I had to visit a factory which was about one and a half hours away from a major Chinese city center
A very dark and dreary industrial zone

My hosts were beside themselves in trying to please me
They conferred upon me the status of "honored guest"
Accordingly they fed me like a king ...
Only the best for me
And the "best" in their eyes included such honorific cuisine as pigeon, duck, snake, rabbit and turtle ...
Not exactly my cup of tea

But -uhhhmmmmmmm - I was an honored guest
I really had no choice except to just bear it and grin
Not only that, I had to finish everything on my plate - lest I inadvertently insult their sensitivities

And so it was that for the first time in my life I had not just turtle soup but turtle meat
The whole idea of eating a "turtle" just boggled my mind
I tried to block off mental pictures of cutie little "pet turtles" ...
And having done that, I had to contend with the concept itself, of having to swallow "turtle" as food

I know it is considered a "delicacy"
And the intent of my hosts were noble
But I just really had difficulty with the idea

Nonetheless ...
I slowly chomped through the rubbery meat
And chewed on the slimy gelatinous film that had formed on the shell as it was cooked
Then - I slurped my way through the oily soup down to the bottom of the bowl
Not ....

Perhaps as some consolation - I was told that eating turtle was not only beneficial to the immune system and health in general but that it was also an aphrodisiac ...
Ohhhhhhhhh great - an aphrodisiac
Only problem was that I was traveling alone ...
And uhmmmmm
It is hard enough to be alone ...
But it is even harder to be "hard"... alone !



rita said...

omg! you're better than i. after reading this post... there goes everything i had for Thanksgiving dinner last nite. suddenly, i feel nauseous. there goes my appetite for dinner tonite, as well. oyyy... i'll just down my illnes with Glüwhein or Jägertee at the Chirstmas Market. hehehe.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

OMG is right ....
How I survived I will never know
I could have used a Gluwhein or Jagertee myself

Belated Happy Thanksgiving


rita :) said...

donkey shorts! (my funny german way of saying, danke schön). i'll drink some of those booze for you this weekend.

by the way... isn't it amazing how we all are now so dependent on the computers? just how we survived back then.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...


Sidney said...

Well, since the time Abalos went to China to smoothen out the broadband deal with ZTE Corp in exchange for hot sex with two chinese women.... I thought it was a standard procedure/treatement in China for VIPs like you...

First some turtle food and then some hot sexy girls! ;-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hahaha ...
Not guilty ,your honor.


bongrcura said...

I had I good time when I went to Beijing. The food was really great.

I tagged along with my host for what started as cherry picking at a commune to which he had been invited by the Beijing Party Branch of the People's Liberation Army.(The real red cherries, Ernie and not the ones with which, I am told, you are intimately familiar.)

Later we were brought to a dinner at the PLA headquarters where we
were served a great number of courses, from the appetizers to the desserts.

I cant forget the roast beef especially because it smelled so good and was so tender.I did not resist the temptation to have a fourth serving. The vegetables were really fresh and crispy.

Earlier we had learned that all the meat were raised in the farm itself and on their hydroponic and aeroponic facilities.

In the city itself, friends brought me to a place which specialized in peking duck, another place adorned with Mao memorabilia and still another place where the bourgeois dancing would have made Mao turn in his mausoleum.

Many details about places you visit, you often forget. But food of the delicious kind, simple or elaborate, you simply cannot forget.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yesss bong,
Memories of food are food for the memory.

Thanks for sharing.
Stay tuned


torogi said...

Ha ha ha...Serves you right! But you re kindda tiguang already!