Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Whaaaaaaat a day
5 meetings
Everyone wanted a piece of my head
It was the day before Holy Thursday
The last day of the week for a nation looking forward to a long weekend ...

I was very tired
Brain dead
Leaden feet
Empty stomach ...

I just wanted some comfort food
Something familiar
Something to lull me to sleep ...

C2 ...
For those unused to the Filipino penchant for shortcuts and acronyms -that's C2 for Classic Cuisine
Classic because it pretty much serves Filipino dishes that are well known and popular
Cuisine to reflect the flair with which the food is plated or presented
The result?
Filipino food that is good to eat and good to look at.

My favorite?
The food that comforts me?
The reason I chose to eat here tonight?
The reason I take cholesterol busting statins?

Ta dah ...
It's Crispy Kare-Kare
I love this
It is Crispy Pata -with kare-kare sauce
Two of the Pinoy's fave foods put together as one
Cholesterol plus cholesterol equals cholesterol
Add a decent dose of white rice for a carbo boost
Take some sweetened gulaman and sago to push it all down
And you are set for a blast off into a health buffs nightmare
But clearly a foodies delight ...

This stuff is goooooooooood
Crunchy crispy "balat" - (almost "chicharonish" in consistency)
Tender "pata" meat - (complete with "taba")
Tasty kare2 sauce - (thick stewed peanut sauce)
With bagoong on the side to boot - (alaaaaaaaaaaat )

Mmmmmmmmmmm ...
Blood rushes to my stomach as the digestive juices go on overdrive
My speech slows down
My eyes start to droop
A sense of wooze prevails

It is time for post digestion slumber
It has been a good way to end a bad day ...
Good night

As the blog says -life is short

C2 (Classic Cuisine)
Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Commercial Center


gizelle said...

C2 as in Care-care? =D it does look good and lots of cholesterol too!

Kids look healthy dags but middle one actually has bronchitis...I started cooking stuff rich in iron for his immunity system...that's why there are lots of salmon recipes I posted and are in my draft pages...the next one would be salmon teriyaki...thanks for your kind words....Ingat!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...


Hahaha - yes - care2
Shortcuts and acronyms - you are still a true blue Pinay at heart
Care-care .... hahahaha

Enjoy the kids. There is a different kind of joy at every level of their growth and development. You are truly blessed with such a bunch of cuties - ang gagaling mag-"pose".
They look great - (mana sa tatay?)


gizelle said...

Oh came on! Iam no filipina anymore, Iam european anymore! lol...It's annoying to see people who leave behind what they are to where they are now. =(

The kids took on the looks of their (half sing) dad, but the posing is unique to them =D

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...


Yes you are european anymore.
But you are still Filipina somemore.