Thursday, March 06, 2008

Kind of Lucky

I have gained about 15 pounds in the last year and a half
That's a lot for a scrawny little kid like me
I have no exercise
I huff and I puff when I climb the stairs
My shirt buttons are poppin' with every breath I take
My belt has run out of holes
I dread a photo op
My wardrobe has required a size upgrade ...

It can be very depressing
I don't feel good about myself
Despite it all - I try to keep my chin up ...
... (both of them)

Perhaps I have been eating too much ?

Hahaha ...
I will think about it

In the meantime - there is the newly opened Barcino in Fort Bonifacio
Barcino has had a strong following for tapas and wine in its Pasig location
Strong word of mouth , a wine warehouse ambiance, and some of the best tapas in town have resulted in almost a cultish following for this hidden treasure
Those of us from Makati and southward have long been looking forward to its second location closer to us ...
Now - a reality

Located in a new building development in the sprawling Fort Bonifacio area, Barcino retains its cozy, warm and intimate feel
Wine bottles and faux barrels
Little dining nooks
A small neighborhood tavern feel
And the characteristically great tapas

This is a corner in the concrete jungle that I could definitely gravitate to for that after office chill particularly on Fridays at five-thirsty ...

A bottle of Spanish wine - is gleefully and easily consumed to start me off
Tapas Gourmet platter - a mix of jamon serrano, various chorizos and manchego cheese
Tapita sobresada de Mallorca
Tortilla Espanola
Angulas al ajillo
And mucho much more to choose from
"Absolutamente deliciosa"

It is a great way to start that weekend fiesta
Watch the cavorting senoritas
Zonk my way into a restful siesta
Or if I get really really lucky (as in hitting the lotto kind of lucky) -
I might even end up stirring the "sleeping cow" and engaging her in a passionate conjugal bullfight.


Barcino - Spanish Wine Cellar and Tapas Bar

Rizal Drive
Forbeswood Heights
Fort Bonifacio Global City
(63-2) 4685942


Sidney said...

Why don't you join the three fat bloggers Anton, Carlos and Santos in their weight loss challenge and loose the most pounds?

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I followed the linkbackto the Rogin E Bloggers Challenge with Anton, Carlos and Paul.
I will follow their progress nad compete with them virtually ...

Hmmmm -perhaps I will start boxing


Sidney said...

S*x isn't a bad exercise... so you might win after all! ;-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I agree 100%
Not a bad exercise at all ...
Not at all

Now if only I could convince my partner to view s*x as her contribution to my health - and that it needs to be taken as the doctor prescribed - three times a day (after meals).