Monday, March 10, 2008

Wet Rag

PMS ...
It is that time of the month
Wifey has "estrogen issues"

It's like a rite of passage for me every 30 days
A gauntlet
An obstacle course
I become her emotional punching bag
A venting mechanism for pent-up pressure
I am a moving target skillfully dodging flying books, cups, saucer and cabinets
Everything is my fault (including global warming),
I am just incidentally in the room -much like wallpaper or furniture
It is colder than Siberia in the bedroom
And warmer than hell at the dinner table
A monster lurks ...

Ohhhhhh no
She is here
She's coming this way
She knows
Hide me

Maaaaaaan - I need a drink
I need to hide and lick my wounds
Where ?

Hidden in the shadows of P. Burgos St. in Makati
A block away from the red lighted honky tonk habitues of some of my skirted friends
Is -believe it or not - a traditional English-style pub
A nice, cozy corner of sanity on a street better known for its carnal insanity

As if an anti-thesis to the red-light row down the street, The Woodman's Head is bathed in green light
Inside is a happy pub area complete with Brits enjoying themselves in their proprietary watering hole.
Brewed beer or "ale" is available
(though I eventually gravitated to my staple- San Mig Light)
Pub grub -bangers and mash, fish and chips, kidney pie, Cornish pastries and much more ...

A sausage platter got me going
But when I saw their "special" - Irish stew - written on the menu board
I knew I just had to try their version of this Irish comfort food
Lamb, potatos, onions, parsley and carrots in a soupish mix (I had expected it to be a little thicker or "stew"ish)
It had cabbage (more often seen in the Norwegian interpretation)
But -it was pipin' hot and tasty

Tasty enough to serve as a soothing balm to my seething and wounded pride
Good enough to make me forget the hormonal war zone at home ...

Methinks I might be hiding here regularly
Look for me
I will be the wet rag drowning in ale
Singing drunken songs with the other chaps
Havin' a jolly good time.

Ta ta for now
Cheerio ....

The Woodman's Head - Fine Ales and Pub Food

5045 P. Burgos St.
(63-2) 8979097


rita said...

you sure do have every excuse in the book just to get out of the house, don't you? hahaha! it's every 21 days of the month then the cycle begins.

by the way, men in general are *always* in trouble by just being, men. hahaha! that's why beer was invented. i, for one, do not have any problem with that invention.

...did you try giving her a box of chocolate truffles? that always works. wish you all the luck!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Moi ?
To get out ?


Chocolate truffles huh?
Never tried that.
Kinda expensive - let me compute the ROI on that. It might be more cost efficient to dodge the flying books ....


rita : ) said...

sorry, did i say truffles? just give her a box of chocolates. choklits always works during this time of the month.

still wishing you luck. luke, may the force be with you. if all else fails, there's always red zin. hahaha!

luna miranda said...

shopping is always a good remedy for PMS.:D but if ROI calculations do not support the preferred outcome, a bunch of flowers, or a basket of strawberries will do. women are easy to please...:D

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

rita and luna,
thanks so much ladies for your valuable advice ...

I bought her some strawberry jam so that it would keep and not be wasted ...
She threw the bottle back at me.
I guess I really just have to understand the wiring better