Friday, March 28, 2008

Siguro Mayaman

I read something in the newspaper this morning ...
Uhmmmm, but I forgot what it was about
Maybe it'll come back to me
What was that?
Hmmmm - I just can't seem to remember
Just can't recall ...

I do recall that I had a wonderful dinner tonight
It was a surprisingly cool and breezy evening
After a predictably burning hot afternoon ...

I was looking for an easy, relaxed place
With a good view of both the outdoors,
And of people passing by ...

Chateau 1771 has found a new home in Greenbelt 5
Loyal patrons of its location at the El Pueblo Center of Pasig/Ortigas area were saddened by its closure
But heyyyy - there is always a life after - right?

Located on the ground floor with a wonderful view of the Greenbelt Park, Chateau 1771 is slowly regaining its loyalists and attracting a new Makati following
Smiling greeters welcome guests into a modernly interpreted "chateau"
High ceilings, cathedral glass panes and walls adorned with paintings (including the colorful Onib Olmedo pieces that were part of the original restaurant)
An open kitchen reveals a beehive of activity as the staff contends with the frequently packed place

We started with some melted Raclette cheese as appetizer
"A bottle of wine please ...."
A low fat and tasty Chicken Marinara pasta aptly prepared the way for the main dish as we bantered and chatted while enjoying the endless parade of interesting people walking by

"Ano ang suot niya ? - Tama ba yun?"

"Huh - sila na ba ngayon?"

"Ang ganda naman masyado nun - 'tamo pag lumakad, kumakalog ang ..."
"Original kaya yung bag nya?"
"Palagay mo na-lipo na yan?"
"Sino kaya gumawa ng ilong nya?"
"Ahhhhh - siya ba yun? "
"Akala ko kung sinong maganda .."

Good food, good wine and chismis ...
Just a typical evening,
No worries

Then the main dish came.
Potence is the "star' of the house specialties
This is "grilled beef tenderloin hung on metal gallows then flambed with brandy" and served with "3 sauces"
The ritual of basting the tenderloin with "fire" is performed at your table side
It is a ceremonial sight in itself
The aroma of brandied beef is irresistible

And when put to the test of taste?

Now,that is gooooooood
"Another bottle of wine pleaaaaaase"
More chismis ...

"O sino naman yun?"
"Huh - talagaaaaaa?"

"Grabe - ang pangit nya hah - mas gwapo pa ako dun e"
"Siguro mayaman ...."


Lookin' for a great evening?
Try Chateau 1771 at Greenbelt 5
I love this place ...

Chateau 1771
Ground Floor @Greenbelt 5
(63-2) 7299760


Sidney said...

Wow! Chateau 1771... I once eat there a life time ago... the only thing I remember was the bill ! ;-)

This Raclette cheese looks like the real thing !

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yes the raclette is real - including the smell

It pays to eat in groups - the bill shrinks a little"


luna miranda said...

i love the chismis when dining out with friends.:D

i'm one of those saddened by the closure of the el pueblo branch. the new location in greenbelt is great---lalo na kung marami palang makikita jan! hehehe

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Greenbelt yata yan - madaming "chismizable" na dumadaan ...



chinkee said...

your funny quips make me smile. cool blog:-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks for droppin' by

I am glad that you enjoy the blog.
I try to share my life to the extent that I can...
Drop by again.