Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little Boys

Remember the Vendo machine?
Drop a coin, press a button and out comes your choice of a soda, chocolate bar, sandwich or whatever
... (and if it didn't, just kick the damn machine in the hope that it might)

Well - that wonderful self-serve for the masses concept has come to the high end world of wine, in a very high tech and much more reliable way ...
Yes my dear - wine vending machines !!!
The pioneer of the concept in Manila, is a high end resto/bistro that has been put up at the Fort's Bonifacio High Street

Aptly named CAV to reflect its focus on wines - this new place is currently in "training mode" ... really a soft opening of sorts
At the helm is Chef Marcus Gfeller - fondly remembered for starting the fine-dining scramble in Metro Manila a decade ago by his involvement in Grassis and then in Soleil - both highly successful fine dining ventures

This time , he has partnered to put up a wine bar-restaurant with the characteristically sophisticated and contemporary food offering in a wonderfully designed dining destination, that is expected of him.

The food is gourmet delicious and I will post about it at some other time.
Presently, I bring attention to CAV's added value, novelty, or niche, which is in its offering the ability to wine-taste through automated vending.

How does it work?
Well - you would be issued a VIP "card" with an embedded chip
The chip would be programmed to reflect your prepaid or predetermined credit limit
Then you would go to the machine
Insert your card
Press the corresponding tasting portion, half serving or full serving buttons for a choice of bottled-displayed wine
And voila, out comes your wine portion straight into a wine glass that you would be holding in the proper place
Your card would then be debited the proper amount
All automatically
Simple and really "kewl" ...

Wine lovers will love this "toy" which allows one to sample several varieties in different portions without necessarily being tied down to having to buy one bottle. The machine keeps the wines at perfect temperature, and sucks out the oxygen (to avoid oxidation which spoils the wine in open bottles ), and replaces it with an inert gas for preservative purposes.

It also encourages wine education - as one would have to learn a little about wines to make better choices. It does not of course replace the wine list for those who may want to order wine traditionally or to explore CAVs on-site walk-in wine room.

But boys will be boys ... and this wine-vending gizmo is one of the best toys to get that little boy hiding in a big boys body, out to the bar ... to taste wine, to educate themselves and of course to impress the ladies

This is as sophisticatedly cultured, a jungleman like me can get.
Tarzan have VIP card - me pick wine
Jane impressed ??

I'll drink to that

@Bonifacio High Street
Taguig,Metro Manila


Sidney said...

I don't know if Jane is impressed (I guess she is more interested in shoes, bags and jewelry) but I am impressed.

rita : ) said...

i see they're catching up with italy. that's cool, though. a couple of years ago, we went to this town called, Greve, in the Toscana region where we experienced the "vending machine" of wines. same thing - you purchase a card, slide it in the machine and taste the wine and/or olive oil of choice. the white wines to taste are also kept in the wine coolers.

i know one purchases a card. but how much per bottle do the prices range? what i mean is - there are some bottles that will cost only and euro per tasting. the better ones are from 2-5euros or even more.

here's the pic -

anyhoodles, this place looks like a "must visit" for us. come Christmas time - we're there!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Omigoshhhhhh sidney
I think you know my wife ....


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Goshhhh Rita - I wish we could have wine for such prices here. Then I would really be a wino ... (not to say that I am not already)

I don't know ... I am guessing that bottle averages here might be about 7-20 euros .

Heyyyy - Christmas - that's kewl. Manila is waiting for you.


docchef said...

wonderful concept. will try this one out.. how much is the card?

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yes Dokie,
It is kewl
Saraaap maglaro and to learn about wine at the same time.
The card can be loaded parang cellfon card - starting at mga 300pesos lang yata

Have fun


Minnie Puno said...

perfect timing ernie! my friends and i are just planning our next night out. looks really cool!

minnie ;)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Great choice Minnie
Its new...
And of course - you remember Chef Marcus from Grassis@Benpres and Soleil@Pasong Tamo days ...
Gosh - how fast the time flies !


rita : ) said...

man, alive! i know it's only a guesstimate, but 7-20 euros a taste is too steep. i'm sure it pours only quarter of the glass, too. 7 euros is about the price for a good bottle - and that also goes for a bottle of sekt or prosecco, even. oy... like you said at one time, ohmigudness! (sekt - german sparkling wine)

a wino? you make it sound like it's a bad thing. but it's not about being a wino. it's about someone who enjoys their "vitamin C with a kick!" i only say that, because we are, too. hahaha!


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...


SORRY - that was the average bottle cost - not the per glass cost
So, ok na - as in affordable

Don't change your plans - Manilas waiting for you and hubby