Monday, January 07, 2008

Happeeeee New Year

Checking in folks ....

I took a Christmas break ...
Actually I ate, I partied and then I slept
Yup -slept for most of the Christmas break
I slept so much that I got sick as soon as the New Year hit
Flu season -I guess
Fever, cough, colds and the body aches of an old man
What a way to start the year

It was a fun New Years eve despite ...
Ate dinner at one of my fave places
Had an arroz caldo "media noche" ...
Playfully dodged firework debris as the skies lit up
Then drove to my sister-in-laws house for a party that lasted till the morning

My 1st profound thought of the year came from the manufacturers of the party poppers that we used as part of the evenings celebrations
"Party poppers" are cylindrical hand held devices that spray multi-colored confetti into the air when you turn the knob at the bottom of the cylinder
It is a wonderfully playful party effect
Imagine confetti - popping or spraying from a cylinder ....

Popping or spraying from a cylinder ...
Uhmmmmm - if I had a Freudian mind - I would say that that is almost pornographic
But we are better than that - right?
More educated
Not so intellectually lewd

Well -the manufacturers of the party popper played safe
They put a warning as part of the instructions - just in case your mind and thoughts might meander down the green green path of pleasure
Ladies - pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase - be careful

Hahahahaha - happeeeeeee new year


Sidney said...

Happy New year! I wish you all the best for 2008! And of course a lot of culinary discoveries...

I see you started the year in high spirits... hopefully a good sign for things to come!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hey Sid,
Welcome back.
Hope you had a good holiday break.
Just caught your Black Nazarene pics ... great great shots - as usual.
FYI - I posted a "veggie" entry on my December 12 post that might interest you.


rita : ) said...

hey, guy! good to see you back. hope you're a lot better now. i hate having the flu. which i have, too. should've gotten the shots last oct/nov. what's worse is, after the temperature's gone - you still have the sniffles and sometimes, the congestion, even. disgusting.

so the phil is starting to put disclaimers on their products now? are they trying to copy the stupid "politically correct" crap from the US? also, would love to find out if someone, actually, *fit the sprayer privately.* HAHAHA!

anyhoodles... have a rockin 2008!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Happy new year rita
I hope that the year brings you all the best in life

Hahahahaha - no reports so far of "private popping", but I will keep you updated if ever ...
Yahoooooooo - whoooozyurdadeeeeeeee