Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Will Never Know

I was in the Greenbelt area of Makati
Killing time
Doing some "scientific" research

People watching

Well ...

Ok, ok - it was more of female watching

But it was science ....


Studying anatomy

Appreciating gaits and sways

Analysing hip to waist ratios

Calculating mathematical relationships between chest size and smile frequency

Memorizing leg contours

Focusing on geometric pelvic angles
Assigning margins of error to the refractory effect of soft textile hugging undulating curves

Just basic scientific work
Not the kind of work that excites me ...

But it did make me hungry
Suddenly - I was thinking about luscious, mouthwatering oysters
I have no idea at all why

But I just was ...

Luckily- Greenbelt is home to
Mr. Rockefeller
Another showcase of Chef Melissa Sison (whose successes include Salumeria and MYLK),

Mr. Rockefeller is an upgraded version of the more mainstream Oyster Boy chain (with whom Chef Melissa is apparently "partnered")

This quaint but somehow sophisticated resto is an oyster-lovers destination.
Surrounded by bleached and distressed wood, paired with oyster shell decor - one is immediately calmed into the mood of easy, casual, relaxed dining

I started with their star appetizer, Five Layer Nachos - corn kernel nachos with a wonderful multi-ingredient salsa based dip
"A glass of wine please ..."

Their oyster menu is formidable
Fresh, grilled, steamed ...
Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Tempura, Oysters Pesto
French Onion Oyster, Oysters Pizza Ole, Oysters Quatrro Formaggio
Oyster Ceviche, Oyster di Parma, Oysters Aioli
Oyster Bleu, Swiss Miss (Gruyere) Oysters and more

"Another glass of wine pleaaaaaase"

I chose Oysters topped with a mango salsa and caviar
And paired this with a yummy Mrs. Rockefeller's Pasta a la Oglio ("sauted in garlic, capers and black olives")
"Can you just leave the bottle of wine here pleaaaaaaaaaase ..."

I took it all in
Slow and easy
Savoring every flavor
Remembering every joyous bite
As the juices moistened my hungry lips ...

Afterwards, as I was leaving the resto - the very amiable co-owner "Yong" reminded me that both the oysters and the caviar I had just had were considered aphrodisiacs.
Hahaha - why did he feel that he had to remind me of that?

Could it be because my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped everytime the curvaceous lady
server poured my wine?
Or was it the way my head bobbed as a top-heavy female floated by my table?
I guess I will never know ............

All I know is that I clearly enjoyed the meal

Light, tasty and interesting
Portions - just right
In a cozy, romantically lit place

Try it
Bring a date
Don't waste the oysters

Mr. Rockefeller
2/F Greenbelt 3
Ayala Center, Makati
Tel - (63-2) 757-4802


docchef said...

the boneless ribs here are my favorite

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thanks for the tip. I must try that the next time ...


rita : ) said...

also, don't forget, that you were learning the "finer" things in life such as, "art." you were "studying" the masterpieces. it's always good to have the "discriminating" taste in life. yeah, that's it! hahaha!

oysters... on the half shell? so rare and expensive to come by around these parts of the world. i miss those.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hahaha ... art?
Ohhh yes art - shapes,colors, contours, shadows, texture - you are brilliant rita. Hmmmm - I must go back to Greenbelt for art appreciation - science can get very boring sometimes.


rita : ) said...

what can i say? i am the good influence on everyone's bad side. HAHAHA!

have a great time learning and absorbing "art appreciation 101."

Anonymous said...

wonderful resto-- one of my face in grennbelt