Thursday, January 10, 2008


My insomnia continues ...
I had hoped that the New Year would find me having solved this sleepless dilemma
But noooooooo - 2 a.m - still awake
And hungry

I was reading a book that said that the nocturnal hunt for food by the insomniac is a search for satisfaction that would signal the end of the day
Huh ?
I thought that was ... sex
But then again, I look over to my side ... see my wife ... asleep like a zombie in a B movie
(she goes to sleep in one position and wakes up in the same spot, same position - an immovable, petrified statue) ...
And I realize that I would really rather have the food

So where did tonights search bring me?
To the corner of Makati Avenue and Jupiter St.
There lies a new 24 hour spot ...
MANG INASAL - "home of real pinoy style barbeque"
One in a chain of franchise locations , this is where I have lately gotten that late night, fast, affordable gastronomic kick that I look for

According to the foodvine, Mang Inasal (the resto) started in Iloilo and is now up to "42 branches nationwide and growing".
"Inasal" is generally thought of as an Ilonggo food specialty.
It is visually marked by a mouthwatering reddish tint (apparently due to the use of achuete or anatto seeds somewhere in the recipe) ...
And the characteristic charcoal "blackening"
Plus a smell that attracts like a Pied Piper and presages a pulutan type of jumping into the fray

This is a fun dish.
Choose your chicken part -pecho (chicken breast), paa (drumstick), atay (liver), iwi (chicken bottom), and baticulun (gizzard)
It is served with chicken-oil flavored rice wrapped in banana leaf
Challenge your taste buds with patis, suka or toyo (with or without kalamansi)
Very unpretentious
Just purely pinoy food that is eaten with the informality and camaraderie that is the stuff of pinoy barkada eating

Just right - for those late night enders
In a location that makes for interesting people-watching (being that it is a stones throw away from Makati's redlight strip)
Juicy chicken ...
And juicy "chicks" ....

Mang Inasal
cor. Makati Avenue and Jupiter St.
City of Makati


rita : ) said...

"I look over to my side ... see my wife ... asleep like a zombie in a B movie"

you are too funny, dagul! compare your wife to a zombie on a B movie, even.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

hahahahahaha ....
I was being kind.
She is after all - my wife !


rita : ) said...

you, troublemaker! that's why i love reading your blog. just be careful. she might suck the life out of you! (if she hasn't already) hahahaha!

...somehow... i'm with hubby on this. when i mentioned your comment about your wife, he had a sudden urge of watching some cheesy zombie movie. oy...

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I think she just read the blog
Her fangs are glistening in the dark


Sidney said...

No pictures of the juicy "chicks"? :-(

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hahaha sidney
No "chick" pics ...
I leave the "cultural" photography up to you are clearly the much better photographer.
I love your latest ....