Monday, August 28, 2006

Life is Short

My father passed away last month. I was devastated. There was so much more that I wanted to do with him, to say, to show, to share. I thought that life would be longer than it was. I mean yes, he was sick and elderly ... with a terminal illness at that. But wait ... not yet, not today, not nowwww ! Too late ... life is short.

So here I am... with a new respect for the temporary nature of life. A life where there is so much to do, to say, to see, to think ... to share . And what better way to share in this age of cyber-everything than to blog. This site will contain anything about anything. Nothing in particular. Just life. Now. Before it ends.


Mercie said...

Hey, Ernie, I wanted to tell you that I feel for your loss but I did not want to do it in our egroup. That is too impersonal for such a personal matter. No text either, I can't squeeze all the words that I wanted to say into a tiny screen. Blogging feels more like personally talking to you although the whole world is listening.

Anyway, I wonder what it is like to be a son to a Commodore. I did not know this until now. I want to know more about your dad and your relationship with him.

If you have had a happy time with him, you should not be too sad about his passing. I believe it is only when we have something unfinished, something that we wanted to have done but never did, something unresolved that we feel the great loss.

I will never know this unless one of these days, you open yourself up for me to take a peek. Until then, here is a little prayer for you and your dad.

ZABZ said...

Hola mi amigo!

Are you still awake?
I enjoyed reading your blog and I'm so glad that you are making time to write. Whatever you feel. And sharing with all of us. Awesome.

The " Wolfman Ernz " photo almost made me fall off my chair. And as always, I couldn't help but crack up at some of the things you wrote. Same ole Ernz.

And as for our very special " chauffeur " - how wonderful indeed to have those memory snapshots, evanescent as they may be - sweet brief moments that would last beyond a lifetime.

Amigo, yes, life is indeed short. And it is also tall and lofty. And abundantly long - because of people like you who love God, family and friends deeply. Now we are more mindful. More aware. To live from each breathtaking moment to another. For those brief short moments of our lives can be our precious glimpse of eternal bliss.

With love and friendship
as always,


Enrique said...

Hello, my friend. I just passed by your blog, interested in some of the pictures published here. Reading on, I finally reached your first post, named "Life is Short". I felt your sadness, and certainly, I was thru the same situation with my father, some years ago. I loved him, but we had a really dialectic relationship. I also share your perspective about the need to share everything we can in our short life... otherwise, we will part and won't left anything behind us, to the people we care about.

Maybe I'll follow your advise, and create a blog to fill it with almost everything... By the way: now that I am on the middle age, I can realise how fast have passed this years, and that there are so many goals to achieve, before I grow old. Some days ago, I read a quote saying: do not overcome your life into a draft, because maybe you will not have the time to write in clean". As my native language is spanish, you have to forgive my poor translation. I think that at least you caught the idea. Hey man, recibe a hug from Colombia... ¡until the next time!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you so much for dropping by.
This blog has been a very big help to me not only in dealing with the loss of my father ... but also in dealing with the everyday pressures and stress of my life.

Life is indeed short.
There is much to do and to say.

I encourage you to go ahead and start your own blog. Please inform me when it is up so I can visit it and learn about you and about Colombia.

Gracias ...