Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Banger with your Haute Dog

"Pare ko, let's go to BANGERS" ... said my pot-bellied, bald-headed buddy. With eyes rolling and tongue hanging out, I excitedly jumped into the backseat of his brand new government car (complete with "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY" and red plates) ... thinking we would be going to Ermita, P.Burgos, or some similar red light nightspot (where red plate cars are often seen).

Instead we rode in my 10 year old clunker and proceeded to the ritzy PowerPlant mall at Rockwell in Makati. At the ground floor is a wonderful food court complete with faux tropical trees and an airy, well lit ambience. There we found Bangers - World Haute Dogs. Its a counter type of operation compared to the bigger full store operations that surrounded it. There was a line of people ... so that was encouraging. It serves all kinds of Hot Dogs. Great stuff for fast food junkies like us ... The menu is innovative and proposes to represent different parts of the world through hot dog concoctions... a veritable haute couture of hot dogs. I stared at the menu board and started to hurdle the cerebral challenge of deciding which one to order.

Among the choices:
Classic Dog
German Dog (from Germany)
Chili Dog (uhmmm from Chili ?)
StrogaDog (with beef stroganoff)
Asian Dog
Kaldereta Dog
Cacciatore Dog
Pizza Dog
Kari Dog (Japanese flavored)
FourCheese Dog
Caesar Salad Dog

Gosh ... choices,choices,choices.
Trying to be funny , I asked ... "wala bang purefoods?".
Ang sagot ... "wala po , por chez miron ... " ( huh???)
So much for that .....

I finally settled on the German Dog. I had just been to Germany and wanted to benchmark. You can order just the sandwich for 85pesos or order a meal (sandwich, salad, french fries and iced tea) for 130pesos.

The German Dog was greaaaat ... mustard , sauerkraut and all. Crunchy and tasty. My buddy Kojak ordered a Kaldereta Dog which he devoured instantly. Everyone around us seemed to be enjoying their orders ... and we could hear them trying to identify the taste of their particular hot dogs. I wanted to order more but after seeing the contents of my wallet, I decided that I was on a diet ... for the sake of my health.

If you like eating hot dogs .... (uhhhmmmmmmmmm), this is the place for you.
See you there ... I'll be the guy with a hot dog sitting at the end table.