Thursday, August 31, 2006


I am an insomniac. I find all sorts of excuses to stay awake. I am convinced that there is more work to finish, more stuff to arrange ... more information to be gained from the TV ... more surfing and blogging to do. Whatever ... I don't sleep at the right time. And so at about 2am to 3am, I get hungry ... and I hunt. First in my drawer - baka my kendi or crackers . Then in my son's room - baka may cake na bigay ng girlfriend pero di naman nya kinain. Maybe in the kitchen ... pero magmmicrowave pa ako tapos magiging parang tikoy yung pagkain. Then as a last resort (which is the choice I enjoy the most), I jump into my car and speed off to the nearest eating place that is open "24 hours" . Usually this is that new "KitaKits" place near Makati Medical Center. So that's where I headed to ....

"Bosing Guard ... kakain lang ako"
"Sarado ho kami ... yan o , may sign STORE CLOSED"
" Oo nga bosing , pero katabi naman nya yung sign na 24hours - paano kayo magiging sarado e 24hours nga kayo dapat.
" E security guard lang ho ako dito"
" O sige paki-tanong mo dun sa boss kung 24hours kayo..."
"Sir, 24hours nga daw ho"
" E di puede na akong umorder ..."
"Sir hindi po... "
" E bakit ??? "
"Sarado ho kami .... " (ngekkkkkk)


Anonymous said...

Ano baaaaaaaa...hahahah! You get annoyed and laugh at the same time! I live pretty near so I'll check it out soon...for a good laugh! Good one, good one.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hahaha -yes, truth is stranger than fiction.

But anything thats elicits a good laugh is worth it.
Thanks for droppin' by