Sunday, October 07, 2007


Today -I had crabs
Uhmmm that gives me an itch
Let me rephrase ....
Today - I ate crabs

Okay, that sounds better
I ate crabs and lobster and clam chowder
And other good stuff

Claw Daddy opened a new branch in Bonifacio High Street
We caught it in its first week
Already we are hooked ... or "clawed"
The brainchild of 3 restaurateur friends Raymund Magdaluyo, Murray Hertz and Peter Ayson - Claw Daddy is a niche for everything that one can claw into (as in eat with hands) ,
And more ...

It is incidentally the coming together of the Red Crab and New Orleans restaurant groups,
The menu is therefore strong on seafood and a Cajun influence

The place is very casual
Family friendly , kid friendly ...
Perhaps to a fault
Because I felt like I was in a playroom more than in a restaurant
But the great eating experience more than makes up for that ...

Things started out well as the servers gave us free buttered corn on the cob while taking our orders ...
Hey - freeeeeeeeeeee
This place is greaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Then there was a Boston Clam Chowder this time @ 135pesos .
Followed by Creole Crispy Shrimp @295pesos
This is crispy, crunchylicious shrimp with lemon butter dip
Next ...
Bacon Wrapped Crabmeat Stuffed Shrimp with Linguine @385 pesos
Add - Lobster and Salpicao SurfN'Turf @585pesos
Then last but not least - was The Drunken Crab
This is steamed crab cooked in premium beer @95pesos per gram

We were provided with bibs, washtowels, and instead of a claw "cracker" - a marble-like stone tile with a separate heavy river stone - to pound on the crab shell and crack it open.
For an overworked and underpaid dork like me - this was perfect for venting my frustration

I placed a mental picture of my boss' head on the crab claw - and started pounding away till the shell cracked

This is a fun place
Eating with your hands
And slurping the crabmeat off a huge crab claw is casual eating at its best

If shelled seafood is your trip
Claw Daddy is a good bet
Come in a large group ....
Claw your way through the menu

Claw Daddy
Bonifacio High Street
Fort Bonifacio,Taguig
(63-2) 856-4785


Anonymous said...

man-alive! that must be some crabs you had there to announce it to the world! HAHAHA.

i miss lobsters and crabs (the crustacean kind. have to be specific on this). seafood is frickin' expensive here. it's so annoying! it's been ages since i had the new england clam chowder, either.


Sidney said...

Wow! I am salivating again.

Why some guys have all the luck (eat those things) while others salivate behind their computers!;-)

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Rita and Syd,
Guys ... this place is fun.
Roll up the sleeves
Finger licking good
Smashing crab claw shells to smithereens ...
Suckin the crab meat off the claw!

Yummmmmmm - whoooooz your daddy?
CLAW DADDY of course ...


Anonymous said...

absolutely love this resto...

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Completely agree with you dockie,
This is finger-lickin' stuff


Anonymous said...

hi, im inviting you to visit Red Crabs newly opened resto, Texas Smoke'em.

Leo Vergara
# 09278096265


Early last year, Chef Peter Ayson went on a barbecue tour, all of 3000 miles from Houston, small barbecue towns of Texas, to Dallas, to Cajun country of Louisiana, the Carolinas, Atlanta, small towns of Alabama, and even the new barbecue joints of New York City.
Chef Pete has done so much cooking the past several years, especially the past two years being head chef and partner at the rejuvenated New Orleans (Bonifacio High Street) and ClawDaddy (Shangri-La Plaza Mall and Bonifacio High Street). But his dream of having his own American style smoke house has never faded.
Chef Pete has recently joined forces, again, with good friend and young restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo in putting up Texas Smoke ‘Em at the third level of Greenbelt 3 in Makati.
It’s a simple, cute yet world-class shack serving smoked barbecue (baby back ribs, beef ribs, sausages, lamb ribs, and chicken), Mexican wraps such as tacos and enchiladas, as well as cold beer and margaritas.
What’s spectacular about the smoking is the smoking itself. Chef Pete has invested in a real smoker and tries to use authentic barbecue cooking for his meats. He feels barbecue fanatics deserve much better than just faking it. The other spectacular thing about the place is how barbecue sides are not the usual fries and potatoes.
Ancho-chili corn, Texas chunky chili, fried plantain cakes, fried chayote, red beans and gravy rice, and about seven more are the “side bets” to the main barbecue event. The choice of sides shows how Chef Pete wishes to have a touch of Mexicana in his barbecue party.
Tacos and either be ordered classic (hard shell) or soft and come in four fillings: chicken, chili, carnitas, or fish. The menu also offers chimichanggas, burritos, and enchiladas. The nachos and the homemade spicy salsa are sure winners.
If you’re not into barbecue, then you can try the fabulous Chicken Mole (chicken slow cooked in chocolate and Mexican spices) as well as the best selling Texas Beef and Sausage Stew.
Another sure jackpot are the desserts, especially this moist, three-layer cake they call the Tres Leches. The margaritas and fruity mojitos are great as well!
Texas Smoke ‘Em is located at the 3rd level of Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center. They can be contacted at 728.3056.

Kurt said...

will try this tom. hope its good as expected.