Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ambiance Galore

"Tienes hambre? " - asks the wifey
"Uh ohhhhh" ... says my son .
He looks at me in a panicked way knowing like I do that tonight is not gonna' be adobo night

It is Spanish food night

We jump into the car while debating where to go.
Manila is chock full of Spanish influenced eating spots.
My subconscious takes over, and the car starts heading for the motel-rich Pasig area -as if it had a memory to relive.
"Hoyyyyyyy lalake - bakit ka papuntang Pasig?? " - my suspicious wifey asks
My son sinks into the depths of the backseat whispering ... "ngekkk, sabit si dad".
But I, unfazed by the blue ribbon committee interrogation , answer back -" uhmmmmmmmmm , kasi one of the best tapas bars in Metro Manila is located in Pasig"

Barcino is a small warehouse cum tapas bar located on the Valle Verde hill that is home to the City Golf complex.
Up the steep driveway
Into ample parking space
Then into one of the coziest (perhaps then- authentic) tapas bars in the metro
It is small - all of maybe 12-15 tables

Its like walking into a small warehouse or storage room
Crates, barrels,boxes, bottles, and baskets double as decor
Small table nooks are mixed into wherever they fit
We gravitated towards a tabletop on two barrels and sat on bar stools
Ambiance galore ....

Wifey is amazed
Eyes examining every corner
Her head nods in approval
A smile across her lips
She likes it
Her "Pasig" suspicions are forgotten
A smile across my lips ....

Barcino owners Dani Aliaga and Sergi Rostoll were schoolmates in Barcelona who saw in Barcino a chance to put into practice what they had learned.
They wanted small, casual, authentic
And they did it ...

The business concept is simple
A little over twenty types of tapas, plus paella, fabada,and ensalada.
Affordable, good quality Spanish wines
Tiny homelike 2 burner kitchen behind a curtain
Quick personal service
Strains of Hispanic music in the background

The people mix is encompassing
Makati's "oye como va" crowd sipping wine with their little pinkie fingers in the air fits right in with the more comfortable flip flop, jeans and t-shirt fashionistas of surrounding universities offices, and subdivisions.
There is a common thread that binds.
Good food and wine will do that ...

So if (ehemmmmmmmm) you just happen to be in the Pasig area
And you wanna have a gastronomic orgasm as well,
And you are looking for an unpretentious place for good tapas and wine
This has to be it

Seeya - I will be the guy eating paella , drinking wine and throwing furtive glances at the senoritas.
Join me - I will gladly share my chorizo with you .....

Spanish teacher: Class use 'fuera' in a sentence.
Student: Miss maestras son bonitas (my teachers are beautiful).
Teacher: Oh, that's very flattering but where's 'fuera'?
Student: Fuera ka!

Spanish Wines and Tapas
2/F City Golf Complex, Ortigas Town Center
Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig
(63-2) 636-2963
** reservations recommended


Anonymous said...

What an entertaining experience in the midst of Pasig! Barsilon seems like a really cozy kind of place. The cuisine looked so enticing -- you took us into a memorable dining experience!

Truly, Manila is the dining mecca of the Pacific!

Had a minor senior moment...meant to say, Barsino! Shared your blog site to Sonny and Rose Aquino. They'll be in Manila for the holidays -- Vikki and you may get together. Also, they wanted to see sina Boo-Boop and Minnie.



Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Heyyyyy thanks eleanor
I look forward to your own visit to Pinas. I hope that all is well with you and the family.

I miss Honolulu :-)


docchef said...

just got home from Barcino. it a niceplace.. will blogge abt it in the next few days

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hey Doc,
Thanks so much for droppin' by
You are up kinda' late just like me.
I guess its the doc hours that are learned in training ...

Yup - Barcino is a great little place. My understanding is that they have secured a Fort Boni location and will be opening soon ...

Will link up my blog to yours - we can exchange notes.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my God! They call THAT paella??? My grandfather was right when he said that is not possible find real paella if you are farther than 20 km from Valencia...

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...


Yes - paella (so they say)
Having said that, your grandfather is probably correct. I guess there is nothing like the original.

Lucky are those who have the opportunity to go to Valencia and thereabouts ...