Monday, October 01, 2007

Anything for you?

Wifey: Dagul - I am going to the grocery.
Do you want me to buy anything for you?
Dagul: ... hmmmm - sum tsokoleyt

Wifey: What kind?
Dagul: pik one

Wifey: What kind nga ?
Dagul: pik one

Wifey: You have to tell me because I might not choose the right one
Dagul: pik one nga e

Ang kulit e - can you just please tell me exactly what you want?
Dagul: pik one

Wifey: Nakuuuuuuu -ewan ko sa iyo

toyngkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (flying ballpen)

Pik-One is a yummy choco-snack.
Wafers in chocolate flavored shell.

Made by the Gandour company of Malaysia,
This choco-bar is proggressively converting chocosnackers like me
The wafers have the slightest hint of a coffee (or coconut?) like flavor
And the chocolate is not too sweet
A touch of Euro rather than Americain
It's hard to stop with just one ...
You will find your hand reaching out for the next piece

Go ahead - pick one
Pick the right one

24 grams /bar
125calories per bar
7.95 pesos @neighborhood grocery


Anonymous said...

that looks like Kit-Kat with 3 chocolate bars. does it taste the same?


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...


Yes -it is very much like KitKat, except hat the chocolate is a little less sweet.

But then again, I am sure that there are so many other yummy chocolates there in Germany ...


Anonymous said...

hi dagul,

i re-read your blog... D-UH, me! of course, i missed the line where you compared both. oyyy.. problem with american chocolates/candies, they put corn syrup or other type of sweeteners and non-fat milk that kills the real taste of the candy, sometimes.

although, germany is known for their Gummy Bears by Haribo, there are a number of chocolate bars that are really good. but since i'm allergic to all sorts of nuts, i have to watch it. (yes, you may take your mind off the gutter now. LOL!)


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hahaha - I was just on the way to the gutter when you stopped me.

Was in Wiesbaden/Franfurt last yearfor a meeting. Nice ....
Had fun. Catch the post at:


Anonymous said...

i thought we may have to use a harness to pull you out of the gutter. HAHAHA!

well... fancy that - we live right-smack-dab in downtown Wiesbaden. yepper, we looooove it! it's a nice town.

just read your post about Frankfurt. did you get to do the Ebbelwei Express (Apple Wine Express)? i'm not crazy about Apfelweine, but the train ride is fun. you get on to this little train that will tour you around Frankfurt while you get drunk. heehee.

hope you get to visit Deutschland again. take it easy and have an awesome weekend!


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

My Deutschtrip was a short business trip and I pretty much stuck to basics. I loved Wiesbaden though - especially the pedestrian walk and plaza area. I spent a couple of nights eating alone in some of the cafes there.

Nice, cool nights worthy of a scarf and trenchcoat. Made me feel very James Bond...

You are very lucky to be in such a wonderful town.


Eleanor said...

Hi, Ernie:

Your sense of humor is witty and quite entertaining! Enjoyed this blog; para bang a mini sequel of a Pinoy comedy act. You can always keep your day job, but have a fall-back career in comedy!


Eleanor and Ed

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Hey E2,
Thanks for following my escapades through this blog. I must remember to write one about Honolulu one of these days ...

I miss the wahines ...