Thursday, September 20, 2007


The country was glued to radios and television sets.
Newspaper headlines were screaming ...
A young man named Joey was ready to name a "mystery man" in an allegedly botched deal between a large Chinese telecom company and some implicated Pinoy political personalities.

Another scandal?
Graft and corruption agennnnnnnnnn ?
Government officials "fixing" a deal for personal gain ?
Could that be true ???
Unbelievable ...

But then, gosssh - I am digressing from the essence of this blog ,
I am here to describe personal experiences and insights,
Not to make political statements
So - let us just go back to restaurants and food

Lutong Macau
is a restaurant along busy Jupiter Street in Makati City where people congregate for Chinese food that is above the standards of the proliferating "teahouses"and "noodleshops", and yet, not quite to the level of the high end outlets of the major hotels.
Parking is a little bit of a problem - but then that is I guess a reflection of how popular it has become.
The restaurant is modernly cut with a typical open kitchen
An area where hanging fowl and meat cold cuts complete the Chinese "feel".
It is simple and laid back
With the characteristic noise level of Chinese restaurants
And the frenzy of waiters zipping back and forth

The food is correctly "Chinese" unlike some restos which "Filipinize" the taste
Succulent sweet-sour pork
Slurpable corn and crabmeat soup
Perfect yangcheow rice
And a wonderfully crisp Macao fried chicken

The menu is extensive ranging from basic dimsum to some lauriat set options for larger groups
The food is not 5star but neither is its price.
If you are in a Chinese food mood- Lutong Macau might be worth a visit.

Oh, oh, oh ....
In Pinoyspeak , Lutong Macau also means "a fishy transaction marked by predetermination and rigging"
But then - that's just a coincidence :-)

Lutong Macau
116 Jupiter St.
Bel Air Village
Makati City
Delivery Hotline: 896-7777 895-3333


Anonymous said...

escuse me! Macau food is not just chinese food. Macau food is a mixture of chinese and portuguese food. so if you only find chinese food in this so called "lutong macau" restaurant then they should rename the restaurant to "lutong intsek"

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I will pass your comment on to the manager when I go there next.

But then again - that might be like suggesting to the restaurant Fridays to rename itself because they are open on Saturday to Sunday as well...