Sunday, September 16, 2007


Go get your tickets
There is still time
Three more weekend shows are scheduled (Sept 21,22,23)

Avenue Q is a Tony award-wining musical play that has been produced in Manila by Atlantis Productions, the bi-continental multimedia production company that had previously presented us with the Manila production of Rent.

Co-directed by Bobby Garcia and Chari Arespacochaga, the play features Rachel Alejandro, Aiza Seguerra, Teenee Chan, Frenchie Dy, Rycharde Everley, Felix Rivera and Joel Trindad.
Purposeful acting and wonderful voices
First-rate performances

Avenue Q tells of a bunch of friends in a representative US outerborough - each on a trip of self discovery.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself
Was laughing out loud
Felt an occasional lump in my throat
And a thump in my chest

Avenue Q combines people with Sesame Street-like puppetry to get its message across,
Through characters like Lucy the Slut,
Songs like It Sucks to be Me
And lines like ... "if you rearrange the letters in UNEMPLOYMENT , it spells OPPORTUNITY" .

One easily identifies with issues of poverty, relationships, gender, racism, porn, unemployment, sex, dreams , purpose ...
It's a story about being human
A story about the challenges of the world
All told with a musicality that leaves one humming ...
And with humor that leaves one doubled over with laughter

Don't miss this one.
Outstanding stuff
Totally entertaining
It'll make your day
It really made mine ...

@Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza
Ayala Ave.,cor Buendia
remaining playdates (Sept. 21,22,23)
TicketWorld 500, 1000,and 1250 pesos