Monday, September 17, 2007

Minnie Mousse

Baker’s Dozen was a weekend event at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall.
A select few were invited to display and sell their baked specialities – effectively transforming the food court concourse into an “avenue of desserts and pastries”.

Among its participants was a dear friend of mine who sold her cupcake and mousse specialties to a frenzy of curious shoppers. At the end of the day … ”sold out”
Such quick success is well deserved

Minnie Mousse is a line of desserts as envisioned and baked by a beautiful lady intent on re-inventing herself and doing the things in life that she has always wanted to do.
Cooking and baking out of her home - she devotes much of her time to perfecting her culinary talents. Already she is being called upon increasingly to cater small dinners, and to provide her signature desserts for various parties and events.

Of late, she has taken on the challenge of sharing her talent with others in the form of cooking lessons. Her first series has been a limited success.

Her desserts are starting to command a following
Word of mouth is spreading like wildfire
Her cellphone is now ringing more often than anticipated
And her kitchen is becoming busier than ever

A bite into her heavenly liqueur flavored mousse which comes in kahlua, cointreau or crème de menthe flavors will keep you coming back. Her “petite cheesecakes” are bite sized poppers that come with toppings of mango, strawberry, grape or blueberry.

And her flavored coffee cupcakes?
Omigosh …. hazelnut, amaretto, almond, chocolate, gingerspice, peppermint, orange, banana and coconut

Throw your carbo worries out the window.
Enjoy life
This is delectable stuff

( Congratulations to Minnie Mousse
I am sure that your family of Trees are proud of you.
Certainly the best of luck is wished upon you by Betty Boop, TwinkleToes, Vicks Vaporub, Donald Doc, GI Joe, and Philip Morris as well . )

You go - girl.

Minnie Mousse
Inquiries/Orders: 0917-8382559


Anonymous said...

hi! you have one heck of a blog. glad i stumbled into it. it's so funny and entertainig. a good reference for restaurants to go to when hubby and i go for a visit next year!

by the way, the - - is a bad link. it was giving me a "filesharing" website. have no idea why.

take it easy,

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Thank you so much for droppin' by.
I am glad you enjoy the blog and find it informative.
Blogging is sharing ... please drop by again.

Thanks for the tip on the link. I have corrected it to


Anonymous said...

you're welcome. you keep posting and i'll be sure to keep coming back.

thanks for fixing the link. now i can see all the goodies! yay!


Minnie Puno said...

thanks for the wonderful feature ernie! it's amazing how you can create something good of that picture with hardly any stock left.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Just telling the truth Minnie ...
The cupcakes are really delicious.
And the petite cheesecakes are a hit in the making ...

Seeya this weekend


Anonymous said...

your blog is soo entertaining! makes me miss manila even more! hope the family's well :)


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Manila misses you too - yaniboo
We wish you all the best.
Thanks for droppin' by
Stay in touch with us and with Manila ...