Saturday, May 10, 2008

Suckin' on a Wing

Finally ...
A post from the disappearing blogger
Miss me?

Sorry - it is just that ...
I have never been so tired in my life
The end of the day finds me brain dead
Physically zonked
Emotionally exhausted

The pressure is so high
The stress is tremendous
The uncertainty is unsettling
The expectations are unbelievable

Who invented "work" ?
I have never needed a break as much as I do now ...

Time to blow off steam
Have a festive time
Feel good
Forget my worries and my cares
Just be ...

Luckily -
HOOTERS is in town
Yes folks -barely a month old
The nearly famous Hooters Restaurant complete with their Hooter Girls welcomes Manila's maddening crowd ...

Hooters is an American restaurant chain started in 1983 and now with about 435 branches worldwide.
It's claim to fame aside from their variation of the usual American menu is the all female "Hooter Girl" service crew
Clearly an attempt to play on the males attraction to scantily clad females, Hooters has nonetheless somehow positioned itself as a "neighborhood family-friendly restaurant"

I walked in with a high school buddy
Talking and laughing about days gone by
Somehow the "good old days" always seems a such a source of comfort ...

We sat at the bar and started browsing the mouthwatering offerings of the menu
Typical americana fare
Buffalo wings, french fries, burgers, nachos, grills etc.
Our eyes were flitting from the menu to the moving "targets" around us who were mostly in orange shorts and white tank tops
A few "bigger" cleavages in black uniforms belonged to imported Caucasian mentors - here in the Philippines to coach their "smaller" Pinay counterparts
Boldly emblazoned on someones formidable chest was the "espirit" of the place - "delightfully tacky yet unrefined"
We started a conversation with some "girls"
Tacky yet unrefined indeed
Talking about nothing in particular - mostly food (or was it about "eating")
Just hooting with the hooters ...

It is a happy, boisterous place
Smiles, laughter and a lot of head-bobbin' , back-slappin' , beer-guzzlin' fun can be had here
Despite the rowdy, sleazy image that may first enter one's mind - it is really a harmless generic American restaurant in the mold of TGIF and the likes
There were families and kids enjoying the place, just as there were cross-eyed males trying to enjoy the "view" as much as the food

Hooters is a fun place
Friendly crew
Good food
Great drinks
A great place to meet with friends

And the "hooter girls" ?
Lets' just say - for the most part, I would probably need a significant amount of beer
Well -
I would need a lot of beer
I am shy like that ... (yeah right)

Whatever ...

If you are looking for a new breastaurant?
Hooters Philippines has opened it's doors
I will be the cross-eyed, pot-bellied nerd at the bar ...
Suckin' on a chicken wing
And drowning in a beer

Hooters @Manila Bay, Philippines
Building D, Units 1-6
San Miguel By the Bay
Mall of Asia, Pasay


luna miranda said...

The last 2 photos have somehow comforted me (ang sama ko!).:D
At least the average Pinay won't be consciously adjusting their wonderbra while having dinner there! Hahaha

rita : ) said...

oh my dog! hooters reached the phil, too? that's too funny. i heard there's one by Ramstein Air Base. i haven't been there yet. one thing though, they do have good wings. tough to find hot and spicy food that's good in this country.

by the way, Happy Mother's Day to your sweetie.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

hahaha - ang sama NATIN

Talaga naman - wala na bang better representatives out there???


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yes - HOOTERS are in town

The spicy wings are great.
And the hooters ... well they bounce well