Friday, April 25, 2008

Juan Day at Work

I am back
Whaaaaaat happened?

Work got in the way ...

For the past two weeks
Our office has gone through an international accreditation exercise
American industry auditors interrogated us
We were under the microscope
Tons of paperwork
Lots of legwork
Always on the edge

Maaaaaan !!!
I was up to my ears in Americans
Non-stop English can be very tiring

Tanks Gad It Fridays
I needed a good old Filipino shot in the arm

Juan's Bistro is a cozy little "bistro kuno" that proposes to sprinkle Pinoy lutong bahay with a touch of informal elegance
"Komiks" splatter the wall to lock in that batang Pinoy feel
An open fire grilled kitchen kicks in the sense of bistro flair
The menu is a litany of Pinoy favorites

I quenched my thirst with black gulaman and sago
Then (as usual) proceeded into my heart attack diet.
Sizzling sisig plus pork liempo and rice,
Add a dash of monggo with chicharon toppings
And I was all set ...
I felt so Filipino
Such a relief - after a week of captivity by American slave masters

This is the life ....

AmeriKana looking at bistro food menu: "uhmm Dagul ..can you please translate this foods for me cause i dont understand them."

Dagul: Sure why not - coconut?
'Kana: what is fried tinulingan?
Dagul: circumcised fish.
'Kana: Chicken Binakol?

Dagul: Pervert CHicken.‘
'Kana: kinalawing kambing
Dagul: Eagled Goat‘
'Kana: nilagang baka?
Dagul: Boiled Maybe?
Kana: thanks dagul! Waiter!waiter!
Waiter: yes mam whats your order?‘
'Kana: can i have a hamburger.
Waiter: yes mam? do you want to try our dessert tsokolateng mainit just ten pesos mam.
‘Kana: dagul - what is tsokolateng mainit in english?
Dagul: CHocolate That Want Sex

( toinnnnnnnnnnnngk ... flying menu board)

Juan's Bistro

Unit 146
South Parking Building
Mall of Asia


luna miranda said...

Welcome back, Dagul! I thought you relocated to a place without an internet connection.:D

There was a small resto in Malate a few years ago with this concept..."Komiks" on the walls and menu. Baka s'ya rin yon, nagpalit lang ng location. Sarap ng sisig!

rita : ) said...

i didn't know you work. haha!! just joshin. no wonder you didn't get to update your site. you guys have been under the glass ceiling. oi... hope you didn't get audited too badly.

i'm surprised that, after the 3rd degree - you didn't go straight to a bar. i would've. i hate it when september comes - the end of the fiscal year. ugh! it's a nightmare and a Major PITA (Pain In The Arse)!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

This resto is where Tandoor chicken was - run by the same group.It is a less known outlet of the LJC group of the late Larry Cruz of Cafe Adriatico and Cafe Havana fame.

Sarap talaga ang sisig ...


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yeahhhhhh - I work.
Gotta pay the bills

If I had my choice, I would just be lounging by the beach plugged into an Ipod and watching the girls go by .. while chug-a-lugging a bottle of wine to go with the grilled seafood ...


mirage2g said...

Today I though of checking back and actually ask what happened, good thing you answered before I ask...

Blame work for getting in the way!

now the urge to have a pinoy food shop keeps pushing me lol...with basically those food you mentioned in the menu... I do cook them a lot and even make black gulaman haha, which reminded me to blog about soon!

Hoot on the conversation between you and Kana...hahaha.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Giz @mirage2g,

Go for it talaga...
Sa pictures pa lang - ang sarap na ng pagkain mo


tipidmeals said...

hmmm, interesting bistro. is this near Pupung's in MOA? ma-try na ito. thanks for the tip!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Juan's Bistro is in the South parking Building which is the building of SM Department Store@MOA (as opposed to Pupung's which is in the main MOA building)

Have fun


Sidney said...

tsokolateng mainit...CHocolate That Want Sex...

Hahahaha... I think your Amerikana(s) had fun with you !

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

The Amerikana left with a lasting impression of the Filipino ...
Whatever that means