Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Hibernated

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack ...
Ok ok ok ... I was away for more than a month.

I hibernated.
Or maybe I just withdrew from the world.

Among other things, I had this terrible "pain in the neck" that was really debilitating. I have been married to this pain for so long ... I should have known better. But I digress ...

Really I was just super busy. First - my office workload was incredible.

Then there was Halloween, and believe it or not - I was actually contracted to decorate houses... parang event organizer baga . Create a spooky halloween party atmosphere.

Then there was work again ....
More work.

Finally I realized that Christmas was just around the corner ...
and that I was dead broke.

So - I focused on making a little money.
Spent weekends in Divisoria to start a little "buy and sell" sideline.
Needed to pay bills and also needed to pay more bills.

Work, work, work ...
Dead tired in the evenings.
Writers block.
Panic attacks.

In the meantime ... I ate, ate, ate as I always do when I am stressed out.

So here I am ...
10 pounds heavier, stuck neck deep in debt and looking a rather bleak holiday season straight in the eye.
I need my stress outlet ... so there, I am ready to rant and rave again.

Stay tuned.


Sidney said...

Don't forget that life is short! ;-)
Take it easy.

Chinggay said...

Yey! Finally!!! Welcome Back!!!