Thursday, September 11, 2008


My laptop zonked out
My hard disk - craaaaaashed
Right while I was working on a blog post
First a hum, then a clink
A gush of hot air from the vents
Then nothing
Just - darkness on my screen

I must have pressed control-alt-delete a thousand times
Switched the on-off button a hundred times
Jiggled the plug tens of times
And smashed my head on the keyboard a couple of times

My whole life wiped out in a millisecond
No data
No back-up
No nothing

Without my laptop - I found myself so brain challenged.
Instead of the overly protective security of artificial intelligence,
I was now left with the nakedness of my natural stupidity

I realized how much I really didn't know (anymore)
I felt like I had to call my high school teacher to teach me how to add and spell again ...

I felt so clueless

A sad day indeed ...

There was no sympathy at home either
I announced to wifey that my disk had died
With a playful smile she said - "it's been dead for a while now"
I shouted with an irritated tone - "I meant disk with an 's' "
She sighed ..."ohhhhhh"
I could hear some snickering
Then there was silence ...

I brought my old laptop to the computer hospital
And hoped that it might be discharged in good working order

But ...
I found out that "maintenance free" -meant that it couldn't be fixed
So after a week of denial - I sadly came to the realization that I had to buy a new one

Today, I came home proudly bearing my shiny new laptop
12 months to pay at 0% interest

My confidence though - is back
My day has regained it's spark
My virility is restored
Romance is back in my life

So I cuddled up to wifey and whispered - "may I enter your domain?"
"Whats the password ?" - she playfully asks
"Hard disk" - I tease
"Is that with an 's' or without?" - she coos as her hand crawls up my thigh
"Without" - I triumphantly declare
She turns around, looks me in the eye, musses my hair
And just when my goosebumps start to settle - she pushes me away and declares
" Your password is too short. Access is denied ... "

Cold shower ....


rita : ) said...

you're the second person i know, whose computer crashed since this past couple of weeks. i feel your pain. the old hard drive of my puter crashed on me, at one time. there's a software that can retrieve data from the old drive. we were able to do that to mine. (we're, both, puter geeks)

enjoy your new laptop. imagine how we survived all those years without PC's/laptops or the internet connection. now, we're all so dependent on it. times had really changed.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Yup - it's a humbling if not frustrating experience to have a craaaaash moment

I have heard horror stories about Windows Vista - so wish me luck with this new thingie
Stay tuned ...


rita : ) said...

may the force be with you. hahaha!

i hate Vista... Windows, to begin with. anyhoodles, good luck with that "thing." haha.

luna miranda said...

i was grinning like a lunatic while reading your sad story.:D

good luck with your new notebook, and be careful with what you put into your disk (that i hard haha).

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Will be careful with my hard disk -as you advise

Thanks for staying tuned.


Sidney said...

Congrats with your new toy... I am sure it will be fun!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

It better be fun for at least
12 months (at 0% interest) ...


Gracie said...

LOL! As always, great post here, Dagul!

Enjoy your new toy...and I hope the wifey is enjoying hers too...Wahehehe ;P

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I am enjoying my new toy although Vista is a pain ...

As for my wife's toy ... hahaha - it doesn't seem to be working tonight - lo bat ...