Friday, February 29, 2008

76 Rocks

Manila is brewing
Rallies,demonstrations, police, placards, slogans, effigies, marches, soldiers, politicians, soundbites, TV networks ...
It's a circus out there

To calm my nerves,
I always run to my favorite relatives
At their home which we fondly call 76

76 is a safehouse
A convening point for this side of the family
A place where all ages and all generations come together
From "lolos" to "apos" and all the in betweens
Female, male and whatever ...
Boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, special friends, "friends only" , "friends na lang"
Visitors, neighbors, stray puppies
Happy, sad and the very "gay"
Where the bonds of our family strengthen to their maximum potential

It's a place where we all run ...
To eat
To rest
To "chill"
To party
To talk
To find solace
To find company
To bond
To just be ...

Where we are all family
No matter what

It is a sanctuary ...

Here -one drowns in laughter, love and food
It is an open house for breakfast, lunch, meriendas and dinner
Tapa (the specialty of the house) - on 24 hour call
Couches ready to flop into
Widescreen TV, Nintendo and Magic Sing on the ready
Instant parties in the offing
Chismis sessions in real time
And a loving couple to welcome and host us all unconditionally anytime

It is home ...

Wala lang
Just rambling
About a special place
And special people who make it all possible

Philip and Booboop (see video)
Because of you
76 rocks
And so do our lives ...

Thank you so much for everything.

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Anonymous said...

how does one join this family?
sounds like fun

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,
We are flattered you are considering to join this family. One does not really know how he/she gets in the family unless you are already a ralative of the Yaptinchays' and De Joyas'. I am neither of the two, but somehow i just became a member. So my suggestion is send us some info about yourself and lets take it from there.=)Like they said, dont call us we'll call you. Just kidding. Keep reading blogs from Daguldol and you'll definitely enjoy. Cheers!

Fr: Willie
Member 76 family for 15yrs