Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hot Stuff

I had a couple more than I could handle,
Needed to slow down
Recover my senses
I was saying much too much
Revealing too many things ...

I was with friends
At the end of a very long day
Just hanging out
Just talking about anything under the sun
(or perhaps it was under the moon)

I was in BRAVA (again...) - my watering hole of the moment
Classy little place
Lounge music in the background
High tables and high chairs on the ground floor
Romantic seating for twos and fours at the mezzanine

Sumptuous "cichetto" -( small snacks )
Spicy octupus
Tasty gamberi
Juicy tenderloin strips
Or choose from their "pizzeria" fare

Drown in bellinis, martinis, cosmopolitans, mojitos, caipirinhas - all flavored with self made naturally flavored alcoholic "infusion" bases.

Thinking tough?
There is the new Absolut LEVEL high end vodka
Or your pick of the smoothest single malts available

And then to cap the evening (you've gotta' try this) - order a "Flaming Lamborghini"
It starts with Grenadine+Blue Curacao+Bailey's+Gallano in a stemmed cocktail glass on the table ,
Then the bartender sifts some Sambuca in another glass and ignites it to form a blue flame
He then pours the blue flame down in a vertical stream towards the bottom glass
When the flaming Sambuca mixes with the Grenadine et al - you are asked to suck the mix up with a straw
Bottoms up ...
Down the hatch ...

Thaaaaaaat is hot stuff
A flaming mix of flavors with an alcoholic kick
It's a knockout
If only for this- you really have to try the place out

Good food
Good wine
Good music ....
Now all I need is a baaaaaaaaaaaaaad girl

@ Serendra Piazza
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig


docchef said...

looks like a nice place to hang out...

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I love this place doc.
I was just there last night with some friends.

It is a small, cozy and classy little corner. Small plates are very good - but if you have a big appetite, you can order from the Balducci restaurant which they co-own.

I will drink to that