Monday, February 02, 2009


There are just some ventures that are destined to be "winners"
It is about gut feel
It is about intuitive vibes
It is about hitting a chord
It is about reading the market
It is about colors that come together well ...
And in the case of Elbert's Cheesesteak Sandwiches - it is clearly about the taste

I was cavorting along the Rockwell Powerplant food court,
When I noticed a long line
People waiting patiently for their turn
Necks stretched in anticipation
Eyes rolling with excitement

Elbert Cuenca of the highly successful and award-winning Elbert's Steak Room has just opened his new "baby"
Immediately attention catching - with a pinkish neon sign, brushed stainless steel, black/white patterned tiles and tangerine walls,
This new food stall outlet was wafting the smell of brown-grilled premium beef into the air,
And attracting a growing crowd like a pied piper of sorts ...

The "cheesesteak sandwich" is the quintessential food of the city of Philadelphia in the United States
One hasn't been to Philadelphia if he hasn't had a cheesesteak sandwich
To that extent, the sandwich is known as a "Philadelphia Cheesesteak", a "Philly cheesesteak" or just a "Philly" ...
Well the "Philly" has just invaded the Philly-pines

Elbert prepares thinly sliced (chopped) premium USDA beef
Browns them in a grilling/frying griddle
Spreads them generously on a long roll (hoagie).
Adds a touch of sauteed onions,
A cheese of choice
And voila - ♫ "bibidibobidiboo"♫ ♪ .... a mouthwatering meal is handed to you
Ready to be devoured in lip-smacking, juice-dripping fashion

There is no other way to say this
So let me go straight to the meat of it ...
Elbert's Cheesesteak serves a goooooooooooood "Philly"
Add some crispy french fries
An ice cold cola
With the charming Elbert himself manning the ramparts
And you have the makings of a great sandwich experience ...

Get in line
It is well worth the wait ...

Elberts Cheesesteak Sandwiches
Powerplant Food Court
Rockwell, Makati